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10 Health Benefits of Banana Stem

The banana is a useful tree for mankind for ages. All parts of the banana tree offer different benefits to humans and animals. The banana fruit, flower, banana stem, banana leaf all are useful parts for us.

All of us know that banana fruit is full of nutrients like potassium, iron, magnesium, and vitamin B6, etc. Most of us are habituated to eat only fruit as it is easily available to us. In big cities, we find it quite difficult to find other parts like flowers, banana stems, raw bananas in big malls.

Are you curious about banana stem? In this article, you will get information about banana stems and the health benefits of banana stems. Also, check out how to prepare banana stem juice.

What is the banana stem?

The banana stem is the inner, tender part of the stalk of a banana tree. The banana stem is fibrous. Banana stem is succulent in nature and not a wooden one. It has high water content and crunchy in texture. The outer parts have to be removed to get the edible tender inner core of the banana stem.

The banana stem is loaded with fiber and nutrition. We should include banana stem in our diet because of the huge benefits of banana stem. traditionally our grandmothers, our mothers used to cook the raw banana curry, banana stem. They were smart enough to use the banana stem and flower in their diet.

Can banana stem be eaten raw?

Yes, obviously you can eat the raw banana stem. It is quite problematic to eat the raw banana stem. moreover, whenever you cut banana stem it has a tendency to become blackish in color. To overcome the problem you can add 1 pinch of turmeric to water and soak the banana stem pieces into the liquid. 

After half an hour you can take off the banana stem and make one glass of juice of it. So to fully utilize the banana stem benefits we can consume banana stem juice. Do not give this juice to children as it lowers blood pressure.

Can banana stem be cooked?

Again we can use the banana stem to make fry, curry, and other tasty recipes that our ancestors pass to us. The banana stem benefits are intact when cooked in low flame. Undoubtedly benefits of banana stem are higher when consumed raw. 

Banana flowers, banana stems, and raw bananas are used to prepare different recipes in mostly the Bengal and southern parts of our country. In Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhrapradesh, and Karnataka one can find several dishes of different banana parts.

How do you drink banana stem juice? 

You should always drink banana stem juice early in the morning on empty stomach to get the best result. It is so simple to prepare banana stem juice in the kitchen. Drink banana juice thrice a week. You can add radish to the juice if you have stones.

Follow the steps to prepare banana stem juice.
  1. cut the banana stem into small pieces and soak it in the water.
  2. In a blender add one cup of water and the banana stem pieces.
  3. After blending separate the juice from the mesh.
  4. Add one spoon of sugar, a pinch of salt, and mint leaves to taste into the juice.
  5. Banana stem juice is ready to eat.

10 Health Benefits of Banana Stem 

Check out the list of banana stem benefits. You can consume raw banana stem juice or cooked banana stem to utilize the immense health benefits of banana stem. 
  1. Banana stem is a high source of Potassium. So it is a blessing for the people who are suffering from low potassium levels.
  2. The banana stem has high fiber content. When you consume, you will feel full for long hours. This is an amazing drink to reduce weight quickly.
  3. Banana stem juice lowers the high cholesterol level.
  4. Banana stem is good for patients with constipation. The high fiber content of the banana stem aids in bowel movement.
  5. Beneficial for the patients with anemia. The banana stem has high iron content.
  6. Banana stem juice is a diuretic. So it is a healthy preparation for flushing out the toxins from our body. 
  7. Banana stem juice works to remove irregular calcium deposits like kidney stones, gall bladder stones, etc.
  8. Prevent the risk of high blood pressure when consumed regularly.
  9. The banana stem can be used to prepare baking soda. It can maintain a good ph level. So it is good for people suffering from acidity and heartburn.
  10. Banana stem juice is effective to treat urinary tract infections. and to cleanse it.

I think all the readers will make, banana stem a part of their kitchen now. The above 10 superb health benefits of banana stem, make it a very important inclusion in our diet.

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