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Kurseong Tour |Kurseong Tourist Spot

Are you looking for a lonely narrow street crossing through the pine jungle? Want to relax your mind with a cup of Darjeeling tea in a lavish green tea garden?

Then move straight to explore kurseong tourist spots. Here is a kurseong tour guide for the tourists interested in Kurseong.
Kurseong in the Lepcha language is known as "Kharsang", which means the land of white orchids. The serene beauty of this small town is beyond my description. Kurseong was the summer retreat of the British rulers.

Kurseong Tour Plan

Kurseong tour is worth because of some great tourist spots like Castleton tea estate, Dow hill school, I love Kurseong point, Eagle's crag, Makaibari tea estate, dear park, Rohini Tourist Complex. Tourist spot in Kurseong can be covered only 1-2 days.

Plan a Kurseong tour on a short vacation. Kurseong can be reached easily from Siliguri. Some tourists love to give a halt in Kurseong for a peaceful hill stay on the way to the Darjeeling tour.

How to go to Kurseong? Siliguri-Kurseong distance

Start Kurseong tour from Siliguri. Siliguri is well connected to other parts of India by road, air, and rail. The distance of Siliguri to Kurseong is 35 km and it takes a little more than 1 hour to reach Kurseong.
The quickest and best road is through Rohini. You can hire a cab, or take a bus from Siliguri towards Kurseong.
What is the altitude of Kurseong? Kurseong is located on the Siliguri-Darjeeling way at an altitude of 1458m. The distance of Kurseong from Darjeeling is 32 km. 
You can also go to Kalimpong from Kurseong. The distance is 73 km via Rishi road and NH10. You can watch Latpanchar, Monpoo, Ahaldara on the way. It will take one day. Stay overnight in Kalimpong. Do Kalimpong sightseeing the next day. If you want to go to Darjeeling, then move straight from Kalimpong. On the way, you can visit Lamahatta, Tukdah. While in Darjeeling explore a lot of famous tourist places, Darjeeling.

Where to stay in Kurseong

You can better enjoy your Kurseong tour by staying overnight in this town. There are lots of deluxe hotels, homestays, and budget hotels in Kurseong. The Cochrane Place, Nirvana retreat, Queen's Hill hotel are the best places to stay here in Kurseong. 

For flooding and lodging, the best budget one is the Kurseong Tourist lodge. You will get a variety of Chinese, Indian, continental menus in their pub and restaurants. If you are on your way to Darjeeling you can refresh here.

Weather in Kurseong

Kurseong is a hill station. So never forget to carry an umbrella and woolen clothes with you. The best time for a Kurseong tour is from October to March. Avoid the rainy season from June-September as frequent landslides occur.

5 Best Tourist Spot in Kurseong|Kurseong Tourist Spot

If you are an enthusiast of lavish green nature away from the hustle and bustle move straight to Kurseong. There is plenty of tourist spot in Kurseong amidst nature. A lot of new offbeat Darjeeling tourist places can be explored while in kurseong. 

The lonely paths crossing through the pine trees are the real attraction in my views. Kurseong Tourist spots have varieties like green tea gardens, century-old churches, aerial viewpoints, parks, famous schools, and temples.

A list of the 5 best Kurseong tourist spots given below is the best one in my opinion.

1.Dow Hill School

The most famous kurseong tourist spot worldwide is Dow hill school. The school was established by Britishers and has a golden history. But currently, it is famous for its haunted profile.

Located in the Dow hill area this school is an example of beautiful architecture. The way towards the school is isolated from human activities completely. The lonely pine-shredded street is more beautiful amidst rain or mist. I didn't feel anything like haunted here. Don't know why this gossip is going viral.

2.Castleton Tea Estate

Castleton tea estate is situated in a tiny village in kurseong valley, has a sort of castle. It was established in 1885 by Britishers.
Castleton is famous for its unique tea production which can't be replicated. You can spend an hour here and see the production process also.

3.Deer Park

The deer park on the top of Dow hill is a major tourist spot in kurseong. You can watch deers, birds, and a few other animal species are here. The park has a playground that offers great scenic beauty.

1.I Love Kurseong point

Right now this is the most attractive kurseong tourist spot. When you reach Kurseong through Rohini road you will be mesmerized by the beauty of this point. The huge Himalayan range along with the views of planes can be enjoyed. A cup of tea and a momo break are worth it here.

5.Eagle's Craig

This is the most famous old tourist spot in kurseong. Nature lovers can enjoy the breathtaking views and the colorful flower garden at Eagle Craig Point.
The Eagle's Craig situated on a hilltop offers a view of Kurseong same as from an eagle's eye. A walk of 20 minutes is required to reach there. A small park is situated here with a monument of Gorkha soldiers.
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