Microgreens Benefits For Health

Microgreens Benefits For Health 

Check the microgreens benefits for health and also how to grow microgreens.Also find out what is microgreens in this article. Microgreens are tiny little plants that are 2-3 inch long just after germination. Microgreens benefits are they lowers the risks of many diseases and are high source of vitamins and minerals.

It is in the middle state of sprouts and baby plants.These are high source of antioxidants and dense nutrients.According to the researches microgreens have 44 times more nutrients than larger plants.

If you are tired of daily stressful life and boring lifestyle,wake up and move to the garden,terrace or balcony of your own and motivate yourself to add green to your daily life. Add microgreens to your pallet to become healthier.Growing microgreens is easy and also faster.

Fenugreek micro-greens after 7 days

As everyone know microgreens are tiny form of plants just after germination.it generally contains two little leaf.Normally it is ready for consume when it is two inch tall and have 3-4 leaves.

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How to grow microgreens

1.Go to the nearest nursery shop and bring some trays of two inch depth of clay or plastic according to your preference.Be nature friendly and try to reuse plastic boxes of sweets etc.

2.Now add cocopit and organic compost in 60-40 ratio or use normal garden soil and compost to fill your trays.

3.Soak the seeds if you are using seeds to be presoaked like fenugreeks,spinach for 12 hours for faster germination.

4.Now sprinkle the seeds over the tray evenly and cover seeds with little soil .put the tray in a dark place.

5.Water it with sprayer and wait for 3 to 4 days.When yellow buds are coming out put the trays in sunlight and keep watering.

6.After 7 to 10 days your microgreens will turn green.it is ready to harvest when 2 inch tall.
Add to salad or stir fry to eat.

microgreens after 7 days

Follow the above steps to grow microgreens.After harvesting bring the roots from the soil.Then resue the tray to plant another round of microgreens.Also check how to grow microgeens in the link below https://www.gardeners.com/how-to/grow-microgreens/7987.html.

List Of Microgreens :

Here are the list of microgreens that are easy to grow.Space needed to grow microgreens is very much smaller compared to the other plants. You can use almost any vegetable seed to grow microgreens(some are tastier than others, though), but a lot of companies offer special microgreen seed mixes that are a great option for first-timers. They have a nice variety of tastes, textures and nutrition.

Microgreens are best to consume in the raw form.You can add this in salads as these are full of aromatic flavours.Make delicious salads  by adding tomatoes,onions,black peppers and lemon to the microgreens.


It also give you the relief from the hectic schedule and makes you feel creative.
So finally you will get lot of happiness seeing your boring balcony or terrace full of greens and life.Also microgreens are 40 times more beneficial when compared to larger plants.It is nearly equivalent to breast milk .So plant microgreens to kick off stress from your compact schedule .
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