7 Superb Tips On How To Concentrate On Studies

How To Concentrate On Studies

Here is  the complete guide on How To Concentrate On Studies for your children.Also check 7 superb tips on how to improve concentration of your child.Manage your children with extra care following our tips on How To Concentrate On Studies .

As there are several areas of distraction ,concentration improvement is an burning issue for the parents.Problem for the working parents is more severe.Parents are unable to give quality time to the children.Hence children switch to television or mobile and gradually this becomes their comfort zone.
When it comes to kinder garden or school admission time suddenly parents face a great challenge to make their children calm and focus.

I,as a mother of a vibrant 5 year girl faced this problem several time.Children are naturally energetic and are they get bored quickly.When they don't like a homework ,naturally they tried to switch to something more appealing to them.Compared to the older generation the distraction pattern has been changed drastically nowadays.If we don't have time in our hand we tell them to watch television or let them play games in mobile.

Another root cause is nuclear family.We parents are busy and our children are mainly under the supervision of maids.So they are missing the care of their grand parents and the fairy tales from their end.They are also unknown to their neighbor and relatives,so the repetitive atmosphere makes them rigid.They lose their flexibility and cordial nature.

7 Superb Tips On How To Concentrate On Studies

1.Study Time and Schedule

As every children are moody and of different nature,as a parent first of all try  to understand their reading pattern.Few children loves to complete their homework quickly and get back to play.while few loves to take a break and resume after a while.
So always be flexible and let them decide their study time.Choose morning time as the brain is refreshed and concentration level is highest.Also tell them to stick to a steady study schedule.A 30 minutes nap after school also do the same work and boost brain functioning.

Let them take a break after 1 hour and tell them to spend 10 minutes in nature.This trick will boost their energy as well as focus.Don't force them to a hectic routine. Avoid late night.Make a routine according to the age and school time for your children.

2.Study Place

Choose a calm study place for your children  and fixed only a particular place for it.Decorate it with greens.Use snake plant or spider plant as these plants provide  more oxygen.Choose a distant place from hall or kitchen.As sounds from these parts of the house makes children curious and distracted.

In a study, children aged 4–5 to 7 years of age with more green space around their homes scored better in attention tests. These results underline the importance of expanding green areas in cities to support children's health and brain development.

Nowadays  few schools also encourage students to spend time in gardening.Some teach them to produce their own meal.This trick makes them independent and they learn to value nature.This also help them to focus and study.

3. Play Focus Game

First of all keep mobile,laptops and all gadgets out of reach of children.If not possible allow only 30 minutes towards the use of this gadgets.
In our childhood we use to play outdoor games which refreshed our soul and mind.It removed stress and supplied us the required fuel to focus on studies.Gaming pattern has been changed drastically,as a result children are unable to spend time out of home.They are always under the radar of their parents.

I try to motivate my child in games which help her to build concentration.You can train and strengthen a child’s ability to concentrate and focus by playing concentration games that require thinking, planning and the use of memory.Chess,Solving crossword Puzzle,jigsaw puzzle are some examples of this kind of games.Play and participate with them to encourage them.

4.Yoga For Concentration

Take your children in the garden of your community,or at rooftop garden or at least at balcony to practice yoga at the morning.Yoga is a proven best method to build concentration and calm your mind.This also enhance body as well as brain functioning.Do the kapalvati pranayams to increase blood flow in brain.
Also let them practice several meditation technique to enhance focus.Investigators found that practicing  yoga and mindfulness meditation for 25 minutes per day boosted the regions of the brain associated with goal-directed behavior and allowed participants to focus more easily.Read more to know Can Yoga Help Lose Weight ?

5.Diet For Children

  • Omega-3 rich Fish like tuna fish sandwich,salmon etc. Omega -3 are crucial for your child's brain power as they help to maintain memory, focus and concentration as well as mood. 
  • Eggs are are great source of protein, which can help to keep your child fuller longer, sustaining their energy levels and allowing them to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time.
  • Beans and lentils boost both carbohydrates (for energy) and protein (for satiety and sustained energy). They are a very economical and easy way to boost your child's health and brain power.
  • Green and Colorful veggies like Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, spinach with rich, deep color are the best sources of antioxidants that keep brain cells strong and healthy.
  • Milk packed with protein and B-vitamins ,essential for growth of brain tissue, neurotransmitters.
  • Chocolate is a super-food and favorite of children.

6.Allow Time For Creative Distraction

Allow time for creative distraction for your children.Let them paint,listen music,dance,play when they are not at all keen to study.They may surprise you with their superb extra curricular activities.When they accumulate adequate relaxation they will focus more on study.Don't force them always to follow the routine.
In the holidays take them to their favorite parks.Encourage them sometimes to draw pictures or tell stories of their dreamland.

7.Reward System

If they are give good result in studies,draw a brilliant picture,compose a little song encourage them.Pat them if they show good performance in a football match.
A small gift packed with lots of love,paint box,skating shoe or a simple outdoor picnic is what you can give to your child.But be aware from showering gifts on them.Make them realize the value of true work.

I have tried these simple tricks and luckily all clicked.Take a deep breath and start concentrating on your child's routine,food,hobbies,games.The 7 Superb Tips On How To Concentrate On Studies will definitely help you to improve your children's concentration level.