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How To Reduce Stress Levels

How To Reduce Stress In Lockdown

The last 3 months is like a horror film for most of us due to the spread of COVID 19. Most of the countries have no other choice other than lock-down to resist the spread of coronavirus. We are either working from home or just don't know where we are going? We don't have any idea when the world will come back to its normal pace? We all want to know how to reduce stress in lockdown?

Elders especially kids are going through severe depression.Schools,colleges,shops,factories are closed.We are frightened to sit in front of the news updates. Some of my friends, relatives are not being able to cope up with this situation. As a result, they are going through depression. But life should go on. Today in this article I will tell you 'how to reduce stress levels in lockdown'.

First of all, stop watching continuous news channels in your free time. Rather nurture your hobbies,
strong points, and remember good memories with your family members. Don't be frustrated. Take this curse as an opportunity to spend valuable time with family. Give time to your parents, children, spouse as you have plenty of free time in your hand.I will tell you my 5 secrets about how to reduce stress in lockdown? Follow these 5 ways to cope up with stress in lockdown. Stay home stay away from COVID-19. You have to deal with patience in all aspect whether it is a relation, health.


Be active. Exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Do any kind of physical work like yoga,
aerobics, cardio in the morning, or evening. Squat, high knees, Mountain climbing, Push-ups can be done in a room. These are considered best for reducing fat levels and being slim and trim. If you do any kind of exercise every day your cortisol hormone(stress hormone)will be decreased. This will enhance the peace of your inner mind. Exercise will increase your immunity level to fight with Covid-19 as well as all other diseases. Take a healthy diet which helps to boost our immunity level. Try pranayama to increase lung capacity.

2.Reading Books:
If you miss your books this is an excellent time to utilize. Take a deep breath and jump to your favorite novels which you couldn't finish due to high work pressure or other issues. Books will give you a totally new world free from coronavirus. If you have kids in your house this will be a charm for them to watch their elders reading. This will motivate them to study irrespective of their school is closed or not. This is an excellent stress buster. Read a book on how to reduce stress and anxiety also.
“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin

3.Nurture Hobbies:
You can do anything which gives you happiness. This is the best time to nurture your hobbies.
Painting, dancing, singing, writing do whatever you like to do. Try to do some creative work that gives you satisfaction. If you are a musician try to compose a tune that will relieve the pain of corona victims. Don't worry we will win the race. If you have a garden then take this opportunity to serve nature and be happy. You have a win-win situation. You can grow your vegetables and herbs of your own. So no need to move outside. Engage children of your house as it will teach them sharing load and respect nature. This little engagement will not be able to give you money but surely will give you extreme happiness.

As you are in a lockdown situation you are bound to cook. If you are alone in your home try some new innovative recipes to make yourself happy. If you are with other family members then collaborate and enjoy cooking. This will reduce the burden of everyone. Additionally, all of you will enjoy some delicious recipes. If you don't know cooking don't give up. Go to the internet and you will find your loved dishes. But remember you are in a lockdown situation so use simple ingredients that are easily available.

Take good care of your skin and health. You have no chance to go to a salon. So don't worry, make your own face pack, scrubber, and start. Add new life to your skin. This will surely charge you up to a new level. Try waxing, shaving, new hairstyle. Give a good massage yo your spouse and ask for a return with a smile. This is a killer step of ' how to reduce stress levels?'Also take good care of hand hygiene. Use hand washes to clean your hands after every 1 hour. Also, take a proper bath with hot water. Apply sanitizer after every few hours when you are out of the home. Make your Home Made Face Pack and Homemade Face Scrub for the brilliant glow.

I hope all of us will be safe at home. Enjoy doing little household works. It will burst your stress. Also, your family bonding will be stronger. This is crisis time. Limit your time watching TV and surfing the net. Instead, do something full of happiness. Stay home, stay safe, stay alive. We shall overcome!!

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