Best Udaipur Tour Places To Visit | places to visit in udaipur

Udaipur is named to Maharana Udai Singh.Udaipur is also called Venice of the east.I was thrilled with the view of the stunning blue water of lakes,grand forts,beautiful gardens and old temples.It was the capital of Mewar at reign of Udai Singh and his great son Maharana Pratap.October to February is the most pleasant time to visit Udaipur.The temparature is low compared to the other cities of Rajasthan as it is located in the lap of Aravally mountains.

We  reached Udaipur from Jodhpur.In the way we covered Ranakpur Jain Temple which depicts  ancient architecture and sculpture.We started from Jodhpur after lunch at 1 pm and reached ranakpur at 4 pm.It took 1 hr to visit the temple.Finally reached Udaipur at 7 pm.Udaipur tour places is famous for its green mountains and blue water lakes amidst the desert.Places to visit in udaipur breaks the monotony of desert and fort centered view of Rajasthan.It is very hard to select best from large variety of  Udaipur tour places.Still I will try my level best to pick the best Udaipur tour places for other travellers.

Best Udaipur Tour Places

1.City Palace

It was the largest winter palace for maharanas.It is situated on the eastern bank of Lake Pichola.It was constructed by Maharana Udai singh in 1559. City palace houses 11 mahals which was built by different rulers in 300 years.In the entry gate we see two big elephant welcoming us.That is why the main entry gate is called Hatipol.A portion of the palace is museum.You can see large collection of glass utensils,miniatures,frescoes,colorful glass windows.In the Rani mahal there are palanquins,horse  cart.I will suggest you to start your Udaipur tour with this palace and to cover next 3 adjacent places before lunch.It is so beautiful that you can spend hours just sitting in the palace.A part of the palace is transformed in hotel.There are separate charges for the museum part.
  • Timings:  Open all days 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
  • Tickets:    30 for Indians and 900 for foreigners
  • Duration:   1-2 hour

2.Lake Pichola

Lake Pichola is the heart of Udaipur.I like this spot most personally.It is a man made 4 km long lake.Its blue water and cool breeze provides life to the desert city.It was built by pichli tribal group that is why it was named as Pichola.In the south beautiful garden is there with the great Aravally at the background.The Lake offers breathtaking views at the full moon night.We enjoyed the boat ride in the lake.There are two small islands in the lake.In one island the Jag mandir is situated and on the other there is Lake palace.The best time to enjoy boat ride is at the dawn.
  • Timings:  Open all days till sunset
  • Tickets:    Boat ride 350 INR for adults and 170 for childrens. Sunset boat ride costs more.
  • Duration:   1-2 hour

3.Lake Palace

Lake palace is situated amidst lake Pichola on the Jagniwas island.It is situated in 4 acre land and was built as summer palace in 1754.It is now converted in a luxury hotel.It is one of the famous unique luxury hotel situated in the water of the world.It is run by the Taj group and popularly known as Taj Lake Palace.Tourists come from allover the world for the view or for a memorable stay here.Only transport is through the private boat service of the hotel.Ceiling ornamentation,colorful glass windows,fountains,antique furniture adds beauty to this palace.In the night palace looks like a giant ship sailing in the crystal blue water.The above 3 Udaipur tour place are almost placed in one big compound,so i will recommend to cover them at a stretch.
  • Timings:  Open all days 
  • Tickets:    Boat ride costs 450 INR ,museum tickets 75 INR
  • Duration:   1-2 hour

4. Jagdish Temple

Built in 1651 Jagdish temple is Udaipur's largest temple.It was Shiv chaturdashi when we went to visit the temple. The temple is located near the Badi Pol entrance of the City Palace and one can easily find a way up to it through the elephant-flanked steps.The main deity Lord Vishnu is in black stone.There are also Ganesh temple,Shakti  and sun temple.The evening aarti is very peaceful.Try to attend for meditation.
  • Timings:  Open all days 
  • Tickets:    free
  • Duration: 30 minutes

5. Saheliyon ki Bari

After lunch our first spot from Udaipur tour places was Saheliyon ki bari.It is an amazing garden situated at the northern bank of Fateh Sagar Lake.In the 18th century The Mogal Darbar presented this beautiful garden to maharana Sangram singh (2nd) along with 48 maids.There are 4 small pools with lotus flowers.It was the place for the princes and her maids to engage in recreational activities.The Chattish in the middle and the fountains are famous for their sculpture.Here the water dances with the sound of the rains or with the music.It was claimed to be gifted by the maharana to his daughter to fulfill her wish of rain in the off season.
  • Timings:  Open all days 8.00 am to 8.00 pm
  • Tickets:    10 for Indians and 50 for foreigners
  • Duration:   1 hour

6.Fateh Sagar Lake

Move to Fateh Sagar Lake for some adventures.Your romantic tour of Udaipur is incomplete without this beauty spot.The lake was built in 1678 by maharana Jai singh.It is 2.4 km long,1.6 km in width and 25 feet deep.It is connected by a artificial canal to the lake Pichola.This is an extremely romantic place from Udaipur tour places.It's crystal blue water in the lap of green mountain heels your soul.There are limited water sport activities in the lake.Enjoy the speed boat or motor boat ride in the lake.On the opposite side of the lake another famous  Udaipur tour places Pratap Smarak is situated.It can be visited easily as the two spots are situated very close to each other.
  • Timings:  Open all days 8.00 am to 4.30 pm
  • Tickets:    30 for Indians and 125 for foreigners
  • Motorboat/Speedboat: 200 for adults and 100 for childrens.(speed boat fee is 200 for 30 minutes)
  • Duration:   1 hour

7.Bharatiya Lok Kala Museum

Bharatiya Lok Kala Museum is a unique hub of culture and traditions of the Mewar dynasty. The museum has a fine collection of dresses, tribal jewellery, turbans, dolls, masks, musical instruments, paintings and puppets, which are the highlight of the museum.You will be amazed to find an exciting range of local handicrafts and artistic things, enhancing the beauty of the place.We enjoyed the folk dance performances and puppet shows which are pure delights, bringing pleasure and happiness.Catch the show time 6 pm to 7 pm.It is must inclusion if you want to see the real lifestyle and culture of the city.
  • Timings:  Open all days 9.00 am to 6.00 pm( last puppet show 6-7 pm)
  • Tickets:    60 for Indians and 95 for foreigners
  • Duration:   1 hour

8.Ranakpur temple

Ranakpur temple is situated at a distance of 94 km from Udaipur.I visited the temple in the 1st day when we came to Udaipur from Jodhpur.Believe me it is one of the wonder till date i have visited.It is the largest Jain temple.The atmosphere is so calm and serene which can't be described.When i entered the temple lots of peacocks came to visit the temple again they move back to the surrounding jungle along with our car.Nature is protected beautifully here.I have never seen a temple which is so calmly hidden under the scarf of jungle.The jungle is located till the gate of the huge temple.It has 29 halls, 80 domes and supported by 1444 marble pillars, each of them intricately and artistically carved, yet no two of them are alike.The entire building is covered with delicate lace-like carvings and geometric patterns. The domes are carved in concentric bands and the brackets connecting the base of the dome with the top are covered with figures of deities.For me the inner structure and sculpture is the most amazing one among the places i have visited.

  • Timings:   12 pm to 5 pm
  • Tickets:     free
  • Duration:  2 hour
If you have one more day in hand visit Haldighati,Enlingji temple and Kumbhalgarh fort.These are also some other beautiful places which i unfortunately couldn't cover due to lack of time.I moved to Chittargarh in the 3rd day from Udaipur.The best mode of visit is to hire a cab on rent.Even Auto and other cars are there to serve you.Again Udaipur can be visited with OLA or UBER .Also read Best Jaipur Tourist Places To Enjoy With Friends -The Pink City for information on jaipur tour plan.   


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