Hair Fall Home Remedies In Monsoon

In normal season fall of 40-50 strands for both men and women is normal but during monsoon one can experience excess fall up to 200-250 strands each day.The pollutants in the rain may weaken the hair bulb, making your hair dull and thin.The excess humidity during the monsoon causes your scalp to get wet, which leads to dandruff.The scalp becomes sticky and itch prone in monsoon.This unhealthy condition of scalp leads to excess hair fall,thin hair and dandruff.The problems may become severe with the use of chemical hair care products.Hair fall home remedies is the best solution for hair loss.From ancient ages Indian herbs do wonders in hair care.There are huge list of herbs that are fabulous in preventing hair loss.In this post i will discuss 5 tips on hair fall home remedies for monsoon.These tips on  hair fall home remedies is safe for scalp and hair bulbs.

5 Hair Fall Home Remedies 

1.Wash Hair Properly

First and most important in monsoon hair care is proper wash of hair and scalp.Due to excess humidity in monsoon hair and scalp becomes sticky with excess oiliness.Poor scalp condition may lead towards dandruff and itchiness.As a result both men and women face excess hair loss.Daily hair fall of 40-50 Strands is normal but more than this is an alarm for us.
Daily wash your hair properly with any herbal shampoo.Avoid using chemical based shampoo.Try to use organic natural shampoo which are free from sulphates and paraben. Proper cleaning with mild organic herbal shampoo will help to remove the dirt,pollutants,excess oil from the scalp and hair.Hair will get back its life and shine.Daily wash your hair or at least thrice a week for healthy scalp.


2.Oil Massage

A misconception was there in me that i used to avoid oil massage on my scalp in monsoon.But instead we should massage our hair and scalp with oil.Oil massage will surely increase the blood circulation in the head and will enhance the hair health as well.Choose any organic oil like Almond,Coconut,Argon,Olive oil.Be very gentle while massaging thin hair.Only few strokes or movements are sufficient to awake the hair follicles.Massaging will also provide oxyzen to the roots.
Castor oil promotes new hair while coconut oil is known for strengthening the roots.Every oil is blessed with different benefits.So choose the oil which is best for your hair type.Also you can mix 2 types of oil to enrich the benefits.Oil massage twice in a week is considered beneficial for hair regrowth.This is a must do for hair fall home remedies.

Oil massage

3.Hair Mask

For the extra care of dull hair in monsoon hair mask is a must.Keeping in mind the extra humidity we should choose a drying hair mask.Mask can be prepared in home with the herbal ingredients. Most of the ingredients are available in our kitchen only.Onion juice is excellent for hair regrowth. Fenugreek paste is known for promoting hair follicles and strength.Lemon is excellent for healthy scalp condition.Yogurt provides strength to hair and also conditions hair.Home made hair mask is cheaper and efficient compared to the one available in the markets.Home made hair mask is the best solution to hair fall home remedies.In every weekend try to prepare a hair mask and give some spare time for the extra care.In this monsoon definitely you will get shiny long hair.

Onion and fenugreek

Mask 1: Prepare a hair mask with 1 medium sized onion juice and fenugreek powder.Apply allover scalp.Leave for 30 minutes and wash off with water.This mask strengthens hair root and promotes new hair growth.
  • One medium size Onion juice
  • 2 table spoon fenugreek powder     
Mask 2: Prepare a hair mask with Lemon juice and Yogurt.Apply allover scalp.Leave for 30 minutes and wash off with water.This mask is anti bacterial in nature and will remove the excess oil and dandruff from scalp and hair.It will help to maintain a healthy scalp.Healthy scalp again will promote new hair.

  • One cup Yogurt
  • 1 lemon

4.Fill Up With Protein

One little change in the diet can bring great change in the hair health.Hair is made of with protein.So high protein diet is superb for hair fall.high protein diet is a minor inclusion in the list of hair fall home remedies.Lean on protein to reduce weight as well as for great bouncy hair.One must include the below mentioned items in the diet for healthy hair-
  • Lentils
  • Chicken
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Soy

5.Consume Fish Oil

Consuming omega fatty acids can help to improve your hair from the inside, since they are filled with nutrients and proteins.Eating more seafood,cod liver oil will enhance the hair health from inside.Taking an omega supplement along with antioxidants helps to improve hair density and diameter. It also reduces hair loss.This comes at 5 to the list of hair fall home remedies.

Seafood platter

Salon Visit:

Apart from the above steps one must step is regular Salon visit.Though It is not in the list of hair fall home remedies it is a must go.If you can't remember the last visit to the salon for hair treatment its time to go.Whenever we go to salon we think of our skin problems and ignore hair.Proper hair care is also very important as important is your new hair cut.No hair cut will look good on dull hair.So from next time be more careful about your hair.Take a anti hair fall spa or go for a ozone treatment to get rid from hair fall problems.Or simply opt for oil massage also if you are stressed with work load.I am sure these relaxing treatments will certainly help you to get healthy hair.Your entire system will feel relaxed and calm.Though it is not a home remedy still very necessary if you don't have anyone to help you with oil massage,spa.

Hair Spa
Hope the above 5 hair fall home remedies will help you to get rid from hair fall in monsoon.Be cautious about your hormonal imbalance.It can be one of the major cause for hair loss also.If hair fall continues go to a doctor and check thyroid level according to his suggestion.In monsoon dandruff is also a major problem for most of the men and women.It becomes more sticky in monsoon.Go through 5 Best Dandruff Home Remedies|What is Dandruff.It will help you to get rid from dandruff.Be active and be beautiful always.