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Top 10 Goa Places To Visit - A Travelers Story

Goa is in the lap of the Western ghat and the Sahyadri mountains covered by the coconut, cashew trees. Go Goa to enjoy the blue sea, brilliant white sand beaches, lavish green fields, exotic nightlife. 

When we planned for the Goa trip it was difficult for me to spot the best place in Goa for visit. After refining some unnecessary Goa spots, I finally shortlisted a list of sightseeing in Goa.
Goa is the smallest state in India. Only 110 km long and 60 km wide. Goa is very clean and pollution-free. Only you and nature. Beaches are clean, but the streets are too narrow in some inner routes. Still, you can easily drive as the traffic is maintained carefully.

It was like a dream to fly through the narrow lanes beside the beaches amidst nature. You can indulge yourself in Goa best place for visit. We were misguided by nature and went to a different beach than the one we previously fixed to go to.

Goa is the ideal place to select for your honeymoon. Even the most perfect place to go with friends.If you are exhausted with the deadline of projects Goa will refresh your inner mind and soul.

I don't have the ability to describe the beauty of Goa in words. Here you will be mesmerized by the songs of birds under the coconut trees. Goa is all about the beautiful blue sea, lovely beaches, green hills, tall coconut trees.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Goa places to visit. It is very tough to choose the top 10 Goa places to visit from a huge variety. These places are unique and most popular in travelers from all over the world.
The people are also so so cute. Let me share an incident. One night we had lunch in a shack on the Calangute beach. Unfortunately, our card was not working and cash was nearly Rs 1000 short. 

To my surprise, the manager told us "take some cash if you required it. Don't worry next time you pay".He denied taking phone numbers and told us that he has full faith in us. It was nearly 2 a.m at midnight. The next morning we paid the dues. You will get I will never forget his cordial nature in my life.

Top 10 Goa Places To Visit|Goa Best Place For Visit

Below I listed some of Goa best place to visit for readers. After going through the list you will get a clear idea about the best places to visit in Goa. 
Take your time to fall in love with Goa.
As it is a tiny state, you can roam easily through the beauty of the best places to visit in South Goa as well as the best places to visit in North Goa. I have represented two separate categories for your convenience.

If you have no time shortage, there are lots of other places near Goa for tourists. You can visit Ajanta Elora cave, Kailash temple, and Dudhsagar waterfall. Now let's move on to the best places on Goa.

Best Places To Visit In North Goa

#1. Fort Aguada/Fort Goa

Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada is my 1st choice among Goa best place for visit. It was built with the intention in mind to prevent unwanted ships to enter in Mandovi river. 
A lighthouse was built too with the fort in 1612 by Portuguese rulers of Goa.
This was the first lighthouse of Goa. This is a special one among fort goa. We reached Goa at night.
 The next morning we rent a bike and went straight to the Fort. You can rent a bike, scooter, car whatever you like from hotels or streets.

In my opinion, best to rent a bike for a couple of days while in Goa. It will cost you nearly  Rs 300-400 for a scooty, Rs 800 for a bike. 
The fort is ordinary from the outside. You will find a few shops offering hats, handicrafts items, drinks. Be ready to bargain. 
This fort certainly should be there in Goa places to visit.
When I entered the fort the brick stairs were fabulous. You can visit the lighthouse from the fort. It is situated right beside the fort. 

The blue Arabian see kissing the foot of the fort goa. Believe me, the view is breathtaking. You can enjoy the view in the early morning. As the day progresses it could be hard to stay in the open fort.
Aguada Fort Timings: 9:30 AM – 6 PM on all days
Distance: (From Panjim Kadamba Bus Terminus): 15 Kms
Duration:  1-2 Hours
#2. Sinquerim Beach

Right adjacent to Fort Aguada is Sinquerim beach. This beach will be at top of the list of beaches of Goa in my viewpoint. We came down to the beach from the Aguada fort.

This beach is famous for a picturesque, calm environment, water sports. The coconut trees were covering the serene blue water like a scarf.

If you want to enjoy some exotic water sports go to this goa spot. This beach is located just beside Candolim beach and at 4 km distance from the Aguada fort. There is a chance of spotting a dolphin in the sea while sailing in a local fiber boat.

Sinquerim beach

Timings: All Time
Distance: (From Fort Aguada): 4 Kms
Duration:  1-2 Hours/ depend upon you

#3. Chhapora Fort

This one is the best among the best places to visit in north goa. Chhapora fort is located in North Goa, near to Vagator beach. This Fort is famous as lots of scenes were filmed in a Bollywood movie "Dil Chahta Hai".
If you like Hindi movies you will fall in love with the fort.
It was built by Adil Shah in red laterite stone. Later it was renovated by the Portuguese in 1717. Then they also modernized the fort. For Indian movie lovers, this fort is at top of best places on goa.

We went there after lunch. It took nearly 25 minutes to reach there from Baga beach. I will recommend everyone not to miss the sunset from the top of the fort. 
You have to climb nearly 20 meters to reach the fort. Carry water, snacks as there is no shop in that ruined fort. Now choose a place and sit.
We had a beautiful time there. Just relax and enjoy the view. 
PThe Chhapora river meets the Arabian sea here. The fort gives a spectacular view of the Vagator and the Anjuna beaches.  Take lots of pictures as you are at the top of those beaches.

Sunset from Chapora

Timings: All days 24 hrs(Sunset view recommended)
Distance: (From Baga beach): 8.8 Kms
Duration:  1-2 Hours/ depend upon you

#4. Baga Beach

If you have to pick the most happening beach in Goa you are bound to select this one. This beach is located in north Goa adjacent to Calangute beach. The Baga river merges the sea in the north of the beach.
Most of the famous hotels, Night clubs, casinos, pubs are located here. Here are a lot of things to do after sunset. You can go to a shake and enjoy candlelight dinner. 
Total Baga is decorated like a bride at night. This happening beach is a must inclusion in Top 10 Goa places to visit.
I enjoyed parasailing, speed boats, jet ski, banana riding, bumper ride, kayaking here. It was thrilling. 
All water sports come in a package of Rs 2500 for one person. Or you can choose an individual one according to your choice. Every ride will cost nearly Rs 500.
If you don't like watersports take a bed under the umbrella and enjoy the waves. The beach is very crowded. Again it switches to party mood as the sun sets down. If you don't like the atmosphere better move to Anjuna or Arambol beaches for solitude.

Parasailing in Baga

Timings: All days 24 hrs
Distance: (From Panjim Kadamba Bus Terminus): 15 Kms
Duration:  1-2 Hours/ depend upon you

#5. Arjuna Flee Market

Anjuna flea market is the most famous market in Goa. It is also called the Anjuna Wednesday market. It is located on Anjuna beach which is 1.5 km north of Baga beach. 
Plan your trip keeping this place and Wednesday in your mind. Most of the tourists are foreigners. In the beginning, hippies used to sell their unwanted clothes before leaving Goa in this market. Nowadays they are few in the count.

Now you can buy dresses, jewelry, bags, handicrafts as a souvenir, wooden crafts, spices from this place. Things are a little bit overpriced. Some of the dresses are made from very low-quality fabric. 
Be ready to bargain. Be cautious about your own belongings. Anjuna is also famous for the black sand shores. The color of the sand is black here which makes it unique. Also, you will be welcomed by small turtles here.

Timings: Wednesdays sunrise to sunset
Distance: (From Baga beach) 1.5 Kms
Duration:  1-2 Hours

Anjuna flea market

#6. Calangute Beach

This beach is sandwiched between Candolim and Baga beach. It has Baga beach in the north and 
Candolim in the south. This also has a white sand shore almost like Baga. But not stony in nature. You can enjoy swimming here in the sea.

This beach is perfect if you want to enjoy it with your family. Unlike Baga, there are few shakes and clubs. If you are looking for a peaceful family beach this is your destination. 
This beach is 4 km long. It came to the limelight for its calm golden beach in 1960. At that time it was a small village of local fishermen. It is overcrowded now.

Timings: All Time 24 hours
Distance: (From Fort Baga): 1 Kms
Duration:  1-2 Hours

#7. Night clubs and Casino

In the Baga beach most of the famous Night clubs, Casinos are located. If you are in a party mood Baga is best for you. Here are a lot of things to do after sunset. 
Club Tito’s and Cafe Mambo are two famous Goa nightclubs, both in Baga. Tito's is famous for its huge dance floor while Mambo is ideal for couples. We went to Cafe Mambo. It is completely safe at night too. A safe place for single woman visitors also.

You can go to a shake and enjoy candlelight dinner. Total Baga is decorated like a bride at night. All the shakes on the shore are ornamented with candles that look like millions of glow worms are flying. Again you can avoid the dance floor and choose a pub or casino.

Timings: 6 PM-3 AM on all days
Distance: (From Fort Baga): 0 Kms
Duration:  As you wish

Best Places To Visit In South Goa

There are lovely places too in old goa. But it is not popular like the north. But I will suggest traveling in the best places to visit in south goa. 
Some serene beaches like Colva, Palolem, Agonda are there on the list. But I have only included 3 from the south in the list of goa best place for visit best according to my choice.

#8. Basilica Of Bom Jesus 

Basilica of Bom Jesus was built in 1605 by a literate stone in Old Goa. It is a holy place for Catholics. Bom Jesus is a famous religious place not only in Goa but also all over over the world. 

Its construction was inspired by the great Roman mother church Jesu. There is an idol of  St Ignatius and little Jesus. 
There is the holy body of St. Javiar lying inside a silver coffin. But the holy body is not intact. Some fingers and parts were sent to Nagasaki, Rome, and in different parts of the world.

Bom Jesus

Timings: 9 AM-6.30 PM on all days
Distance: (From Fort Baga): 26.5 Kms
Duration: 2 Hr

#9. Se Cathedral 

It is also situated in Old Goa just opposite Bom Jesus. It is the largest church in Asia. Dedicated to St. Catherine. There are a series of pillars inside the church. 
There is a museum adjacent to the church.15 idols of different saints are there inside. The ornamentation, flush light, murals on the life story of St. Francis is outstanding. 
5 bells one of which is the golden bell are there in the church. The golden bell located on the north peak is the largest in the world.

Se Cathedral
Timings: Sunday – 7.15 AM, 10.00 AM and 4.00 PM, Weekdays – 7.30 AM and 6.00 PM
Distance: (From Fort Baga):26.5 Kms
Duration:  2 Hr

#10. Mandovi River Cruise

One of the main attractions of Goa is the Mandovi river cruise for one hour. It can be booked by GTDC. Move to DJ's electrifying beats and enjoy the live performances of Dekni, Kunbi (Konkan folk dance forms), and Corridinho (Portuguese folk dance) on the deck. 

Get a spectacular view of some famous buildings like the Portuguese museum, Deltin Royale, and take in the splendid view of the sunset on the seemingly boundless Arabian sea.GTDC will charge Rs 500 for each person.

Timings: All days (6 PM onwards)
Distance: (From Fort Baga):25 Kms
Duration:  1 hr

Hope you are satisfied. Goa tour can be completed within 4-5 days. But the impact on our mind is lifelong. I enjoyed every angle of the Goa tour to the fullest. I hope this article on the best places on goa will help you to plan your Goa trip.
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