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Sightseeing of Darjeeling-7 Offbeat Destination In Darjeeling

Darjeeling is the center of attraction among the Bengalis, as well as tourists from all over the world for its unparallel beauty. But due to the COVID situation tourists from West Bengal are mainly going to Darjeeling.

So, it may be a little risky to go to Main Darjeeling town with kids and aged persons right now. But don't be disappointed, a lot of small beautiful villages are there to explore near Darjeeling. Sightseeing of Darjeeling can be a very safe idea to relax your mind.

Today I will list some fabulous desolated places in the outskirts of Darjeeling. All the places are well equipped for tourists in spite of being a lonely remote place. Most of them have brilliant homestays and modern facilities available for your luxury.

Darjeeling is famous for its busy Mall road and popular tourist spots Darjeeling. But apart from the famous tourist places of Darjeeling, sightseeing of Darjeeling also may be very interesting. Here you will get some guidelines on Darjeeling sightseeing.

This list will focus on the tourist spots that are at about 1-2 hours' distance from the main town. Sightseeing of Darjeeling can not be covered in a single day like 7 points or 10 points of Darjeeling tourist places. These tourist places near Darjeeling will take 5-7 days to explore.

Sightseeing of Darjeeling|tourist places near Darjeeling


Do you want to pluck oranges from organic farms and gardens? Sitong is one such beautiful hamlet known as the "orange valley". Sitong situated at the bank of Riyang river is an Offbeat Destination in Darjeeling for travelers. 

If you want to spend your winter holidays just doing nothing, then go to Sitong.Sitong is 38 km away from NJP,40 km from Bagdogra airport. Stay overnight in this tiny village and the next day visits Latpanchar and Ahaldara.


The name Latpanchar is also a Lepcha word meaning land where Cane grows. It is the highest Pick of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Latpanchar. This place is a famous birding hotspot and other best sightseeing places around Sitong are - famous Bamboo Church, a very old historical church and a Monastery, made mostly of bamboo and mud.
From NJP Latpanchar is just 44 km away and it will take only 1.5 hrs to reach there. You will find rarely any tourists here in peak season also. It is one of the best-unexplored tourist places near Darjeeling.


Ahaldara is a hilltop just 5 km away from Latpanchar. Ahaldara is famous for its breathtaking views of snowcapped Kanchanjungha and the lovely sunrise. On a clear sunny day the location offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Dooars and Terai plains on one hand, and Kalimpong, Darjeeling, and Sikkim mountains on the other.

Ahaldara is now one of the most highly rated places for Darjeeling sightseeing. You will feel like you are at the top of the world. Spent a quiet and peaceful day here without stress sitting on a bench at the lonely hilltop. Namthing Pokhari, a seasonal Lake situated just 1 kilometer away from Ahaldara.


Lamahatta is a peaceful, romantic honeymoon destination for the newly wedded couple. This quiet and serene village is situated 72 km away from Siliguri. Just 23km away from this is a must-visit Darjeeling sightseeing place. 
Lama means Buddhist monk and hatta mean hut-A monk's hut. Lamahatta being a lonely Offbeat Destination in Darjeeling, Sightseeing of Darjeeling is quite safe at this time.

The major attractions of Lamahatta are its Eco-tourism, roadside park, Lamahatta village monastery, and a lake. A pleasant walk in the Eco park is enough to heal your mind and soul. There are a lot of homestays and Lodges in Lamahatta. They charge nearly 1500-2000 per person including all meals.


This is just 6 km away from Lamahatta. Tinchuley is famous for its great Kanchanjungha view and orange orchards. The road goes through the beautiful Peshok tea garden.
After an overnight stay in Lamahatta, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Peshok viewpoint. When you are in Darjeeling never forget to taste the Tea, Momos, and Thukpas.The roadside small shops offer you brilliant momos, noodles, and delicious soups.


Mirik is a small picturesque town, is known for its beautiful serene lake and tea gardens. This place is 52 km away from NJP. Darjeeling sightseeing is incomplete without exploring this spot.

The lake Samendu popularly known as Mirik lake is about 1.25 km long and a 3.5 km road surrounds the lake. The Mirik Lake is an artificial lake created during the 1970s by the West Bengal government to make Mirik an attractive tourist destination.
Horse riding and boating in this lake is highly recommended for tourists. About 8 km south of Mirik towards Siliguri is the Tingling viewpoint. The tea gardens look like a green carpet from here.

In this COVID situation, it will be like a dream to enjoy your morning tea in a small lovely homestay in the lap of nature. You can safely roam around amidst nature far away from the hustle and bustle of a city as well as from the crowd.

I hope these 7 offbeat destinations in Darjeeling helps every tourist to remove their stress. I am sure Darjeeling sightseeing will be a unique experience for solo female travelers also.

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