Super 7 Hibiscus Benefits For Hair

Hibiscus Benefits For Hair

Here you can find out the Super 7 hibiscus benefits For Hair listed for you.We can add hibiscus flower in our hair care routine for healthy hair.Here you also will find out  why hibiscus for hair is important.Hibiscus flower and leaves are blessings to our hair.

We all have one hibiscus tree in our garden.These flower are very common in Indian household.We frequently see hibiscus flower in our puja rooms.Besides these, hibiscus leaves and flowers have a tremendous benefits on hair and skin.This is extremely beneficial specially for hair care.The leaves and flowers are full of vitamin C and amino acids and lots of nutrients.

1.Prevent Premature Graying

Hibiscus flower is full of  antioxidants and vitamins,which stimulates melanin formation.Melanin is the natural pigment present in the hair responsible for the hair color.As hibiscus leaves and petals helps in melanin creation which in turn  helps to delay premature graying.
You can make a Hibiscus Infused Hair Oil and this will surely help you to come out from premature graying.Grind 20 hibiscus leaves and 10 flowers in a jar.Add this paste to 2 cups of coconut oil.Put this oil in a clean glass container and put it in the sun.Shake it regularly so that infusion of nutrients from the leaves and petals occur.After 1 month the oil is ready for use.Strain and use to prevent the problem.

2.Promotes Hair Growth

Hibiscus flower is full of vitamin C ,which boost collagen formation.Collagen is the amino acid chain that strengthen hair.Again vitamin C boosts blood circulation in the scalp which is necessary for hair growth.Hibiscus is capable to grow hair in baldness also.

Hair Growth Hibiscus Pack:Make a hair growth pack with 5 hibiscus flower,2 small onions and 5 curry leaves.Paste all these ingredients and strain to extract the juice from it.Apply the juice on the scalp and leave for 1 hour.Rinse off with water.This juice will help you to stimulate hair growth.

3.Treats Dandruff

Hibiscus has  immense anti dandruff property.Make a Anti Dandruff Hibiscus Pack with hibiscus flower paste,lemon juice and yogurt.Grind 10 hibiscus flower,add 1 tbsp lemon juice and half cup yogurt to it.Apply on scalp and leave for 45 minutes to get rid of dandruff problem

4.Stop Hair Fall

Hibiscus has proven effects for preventing hair fall.Hair fall is basically due to internal physical problems.Ayurveda says try to find out the reason first.It may be because of hormonal imbalance,Lack of nutrients,thyroid or after pregnancy effect.If the root becomes weak hair fall is the outcome.You can use the Hibiscus Infused Hair Oil to treat hair fall also.

Hibiscus Hair Mask To Stop Hair Fall: Prepare a anti hair fall hair mask with hibiscus and amla. Make a paste of 3 indian gooseberry (amla),5 hibiscus leaves and 5 hibiscus flowers.Or you can make a paste of amla powder,hibiscus powder and water.Apply this powder on scalp and cover the roots.Leave for 45 minutes and wash off.

5.Smooth & Shiny Hair Conditioning

As hibiscus flower and leaves are full of moisture. Use this natural property to make your hair smooth and shiny.These also help in removing the dryness caused due to pollution,chemical treatment on hair.For a frizz free hair make Hibiscus Conditioner and regularly use it after shampooing.
Hibiscus Conditioner:Grind 10 hibiscus flower and leaves and 1 big aloevera leave to make a paste.Add milk to make a conditioner like consistency.Apply after shampooing.Rinse off thoroughly.

6.Cleanses Hair

Use Hibiscus Shampoo to clean hair.Make a paste of 20 hibiscus flower and 20 leaves.Mix the paste with soap-nut i.e Ritha  powder and gram flower.Use this mixture to clean the hair.This will have a tremendous effect on hair

7.Remove Split End

Due to dirt,pollution,chemical treatment hair looses its moisture and becomes dull.As a result split end comes.Cut the split ends first.Then use Hibiscus Infused Hair Oil regularly at night before going to bed.Also use Hibiscus Shampoo and Hibiscus Conditioner for hair care.

Use this methods and experience fabulous Hibiscus Benefits For Hair.Using the tips you surely get strong and beautiful hair.If you want stunning improvement on your skin Check out How to get healthy skin naturally| Natural skin care