How To Become Fair In Natural Way

Is it possible to be fair naturally?Here we will discuss how to become fair in natural way.We are giving 11 natural fairness tips to get a fair skin complexion.Also check 3 instant tips on how to get fair skin in one day.
Every person in whatever parts of the world it is,is running behind a fair skin.They tried almost all harmful cosmetics in the desire  to get fair skin tone.In this madness some of us tried every fairness product available in the market.According to the press release of  Delhi based Center for science and environment ,"Most beauty products in India are tainted with toxic heavy metals".Also mercury,nickel and colorants are found in those products. Better to hold the hand of nature.

We all born with a particular skin tone,which mainly depends on our genetic structure and climate.But as time move on our skin tone becomes darker as an effect of sunburn and pollution.We have to follow a healthy lifestyle and fairness tips to enhance and maintain our natural skin tone.

11 Fairness Tips on How To Become Fair:

#1.Clean your face in the morning and evening.Use milk and rose water as cleanser with a cotton ball on face and neck get a fair skin.Regularly take bath to maintain a good hygiene.You can buy any rose and milk herbal cleansing milk for this purpose.

#2.Papaya is full of enzymes and antioxidants.It helps to remove scars and also lighten the skin tone.Make a face pack with papaya pulp,1 tbsp milk,1 tbsp honey.Apply on face and rest for 30 minutes.It will definitely give you result.

#3.Lemon is the best natural bleaching element.It removes the sunburn and makes the skin tone brighter.Mix 1 tbsp honey and one tbsp lemon juice.Apply on face and neck area.Leave for 15 minutes.Rinse off with water. 
#4.Cucumber is very useful for fairness.You can grind cucumber and apply with 1 tbsp lemon juice.Better extract the juice from the cucumber and make ice cubes with it.When you come back from work take one ice cube and rub on clean face.It will give relaxation and also fairness to your skin.

#5.Another tan removing agent is yogurt.make a face mask by mixing yogurt,neem paste in equal quantity.Apply allover face and the parts of the body wherever there is tan.Leave to dry.Wash off with water.Check out more neem benefits in the article 10 Amazing  Neem Benefits For Your Glowing Skin.

#6.For your body fairness make a fairness body scrub.Mix gram flower,lemon juice and milk.Rub your body using this scrub once in a week.Take a good shower after it.See the fairer skin tone after few applications.

#7.Do not shave underarms,unwanted hairs from hands.Prolong use of shaving causes dark patches.Move to natural waxing process to remove hair.Also reduce the frequency of waxing to let your skin breathe. 

#8.Coconut water really works on scars and to get fair skin.If you are looking for how to become fair?use coconut water.Refrigerate coconut water and apply on face with cotton ball.This will definitely help you to become fair.

#9.Use Coconut oil  on allover body after taking bath.Coconut oil has proven effect on skin lightning.Take a good body massage with the coconut oil and after 30 minutes take shower.This will certainly help you to be fair.

#10.Turmeric and sandalwood is a perfect skin lightning face pack for oily skin.Both ingredients should be mixed in powder form in equal quantity with water to prepare the pack.Apply the pack for 20 minutes.Get a perfect fair skin easily.

#11.To remove tan from feet take a warm water tub,mix 2 tbsp baking soda, 1 tbsp lemon in it.Now dip your feet in the tub and relax fro 30 minutes.This will relax your muscle and remove darkness from feet.

 How To Get Fair Skin In One Day:

1.Mix the egg white and lemon and apply on face to get instant fairness.Be cautious if you are allergic to egg.Leave for 20 minutes.Just see the result.

2.Prepare a killer pack for fairness.Mash one banana and mix with milk.Apply on face and leave to dry.Wash and see instant result.

3.Use Baking soda with lemon as a face scrub.Scrub for 2 minutes to get instant fairness.

Hope these fairness tips will give you fairness in nature friendly way.Be patient and choose few methods which is easily available to you.


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