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Summer House|How To Keep House Cool In Summer

Find out How To Keep House Cool Naturally in the summer in this article. As we are in front of a hot and humid summer, we all are looking for a summer house in Summer. Today we will share some summer care tips for your family and know how to cool the room in summer. Stay cool this summer using our tips.
It is April end and the cool breeze of spring has gone. As we are moving towards May and June, the summer is on. The pet in my courtyards is looking for shade. My 5-year girl is exhausted after school and elder members are tired to take a walk in the evening. Look at family members, I am sure all of them is always looking for ice cream in the refrigerator. All of them are tired and idle to do their work.
This is the scenario in every house. We are struggling to stay cool in the hot and humid summer. Our skin becomes oily and patchy, hair looses its shines. Home becomes unpleasant for relaxation. Summer vacation trips may be a short escape but we have to return home after all activities. Here is the guide for a cool summer house in summer. Re-innovate house to be summer-friendly. Also, apply the summer care tips to stay cool and keep cool. These tips will help you to make your family happy and healthy in this upcoming summer season.
How to keep house cool in summer

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How To Keep House Cool :

#1. Change the color of your house to lighter shades before summer. Choose white, lemon green, cream color according to your preferences. This simple trick will bring an effect of calmness to your body and soul. This is an easy tip on how to keep house cool in summer naturally.

#2. Decorate your house with real plants. Add green to every corner of the house if possible. Change the plastic pots and replace them with earthen planters if possible. Keep watering the plants regularly. Choose a snake plant, spider, or aloe vera as these plants give maximum oxygen to us. When you come back to sit at the balcony and feel how the plants take all stress from you. Your summer house is ready.

Green balcony

#3. Switch off all the unnecessary electric appliances of your house. Try to cook in the early morning. Try some BBQ recipes in the summer. Cooking generates lots of heat. So try to cook outside in lawns if possible.
Be couscous with freeze as this appliance generates maximum heat. Of course, this one should be on. Otherwise, your summer will become a hell.

#4. Avoid heavy exercise schedule. Rather stick to light aerobic in the early morning. Do a little bit of yoga, walking, or swimming. Swimming is best considering all the alternatives. Take your kids along with you. Don't stick to a tough schedule at high temperatures.

Kids swimming
#5.Build a healthy and simple eating habit. Take smoothies instead of cereals at breakfast. Add lots of fresh vegetables and fruits on the menu. Enjoy BBQ recipes in summer because these are tasty, effortless, and healthy. Avoid spicy foods in the summer. Try to dine in the house with all the family members. This good habit also will help to gain weight for babies. Here are the weight gain food chart for babies.

#6. Replace the curtains to lighter fabric and color. Choose linen, cotton, or other fabrics that allow airflow to pass. This will help to reflect heat and light from the rooms. Darker curtains will trap the heat and light in the house.
Actually, 30% of heat comes from windows. But don't close them. This will be a blunder as the airflow will be stopped. Open two opposite side windows as this will allow entering and out the air in the house.

Summer Curtain
#7. Use Air Condition if the temperature is more than bearable. Use as low as you can, as ac will take all moisture from you. Prolong use should be avoided. Go through an ac servicing before summer. Don't switch to several temperatures frequently. After coming out of the office and moving towards your car take fruit juice and wait a bit. Keep a bowl of water in near corner to ac and put moisture after some gap on your skin. Maintain temperature at 25℃.

#8.Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water throughout the entire day. Replace Coffey, tea with fruit juice, coconut water, detox water. These drinks will revitalize your family members. Give your little one glass of juice after some gaps. The vitamins and minerals present in the drinks will give energy and strength.

#9.Fans are supposed to cool the house. But fans actually help in air circulation. Also, fans are to be used smartly to bring down the temperature. Call your electrician and set the fan in counter-clockwise direction before summer.
You can bring some ice blocks and put them in a big bowl in front of a fan. It will bring an effect of air cooler in the house.

#10. Wear Comfortable light fabric clothes. Bring out cotton, linen clothes from your wardrobe. Wear fancy sandals instead of tight shoes. Wear clothes in which you get comfortable. Wash all the clothes of your child with disinfectant liquids to avoid germs. Stick to light shades in case of office wear.

Best Summer Care Tips:

#1. Take a bath every day. Take a shower when you come back from the workplace. Clean your baby with wet cotton cloth after a few hours as it will help to keep them cool. Clean your face with rose water regularly. Use natural body scrub once in a week. Put on sunscreen when you are out of the home. Reapply after every 3 hours.
Follow the beauty tips for summer skincare.

#2. Never use a diaper for your newborn in the daytime. Instruct your family members and maids to use minimal nappies they can. Let your baby breathe fully. This will keep rashes a far away. Give them an oil massage. Wipe extra oil from their skin. It will keep moisture lock in their skin.

#3. Ask your elders to do their work in the early morning. Don't go out unnecessarily in the noon. Try to schedule work in the morning or evening session.

Picnic menu

#4. One thing I prefer to do in the summer vacation is a picnic. Don't be scared. Choose a cooler place for a summer trip or picnic in summer. You may choose a water kingdom type place for it and enjoy the summer. Don't let it be a dull season. Pack fruit juice, ice creams, and shakes in your bags. Enjoy fully and refresh your mind before a new start.

#5.Never forget to take your sunglass, scarf, and hat when going outside the home. These along with umbrella will take care of you in summer.

#6. The last one that I love to do in the summer holiday is to take a nap at noon. Just chill and sleep. I believe nothing can cool down you better than this.

So, follow all these tricks to have a cool summer. Now you know  How To Keep House Cool in summer. Apply all of the above to enjoy summer to its fullest. Stay cool and happy summer.

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