Tiffins Menu For A Busy Mom

Tiffins Menu for a busy mom is very important as number of working moms are increasing gradually.The list of healthy tiffin items is given in this article. Tiffins Menu has to be of different variety and full of nutrients. Tiffin items should be chosen such that it give you energy for the rest of the day.

Tiffin box

We,moms never think of ourselves.We hardly get time to pack healthy tiffins menu in our lunch boxes.In the morning we pack tiffin items for our kids,then for husband and in a hurry forget about ourselves.We pack some biscuits full of glutens ,unhealthy snacks or frozen items in a hurry as our tiffins menu.Then  in the lunch hour either we through this to the dustbin or move to canteen.

As a working woman it is always a tough thing to manage family and workplace.But as a mom it is horrible.So be couscous about your own health.After all you are the main wheel power of the family.
Moms has to be strong and energetic.Modern moms also wants to be slim and trim.But you have to give nutrients to your body and soul.Your mind will be relaxed if your body gets perfect balanced diet.
Tiffin items is chosen intelligently which can be easily packed and take away food.Never chose
a repetitive boring tiffins menu.Give a second in the morning to select a attractive tiffins menu which will pamper you and refresh your mind.

5 Best Tiffins Menu For Busy Mom:

1. Sandwich

Yes the all time favorite one but with a little twist.Replace normal bread with wheat bread.Use fresh vegetables like cabbage,lettuce,tomato,onions in the sandwich.Try to use eggs,tuna,bacon in that.
This is perfect tiffin items from all angle.Bread gives you carbs,veggies supply you all vitamins and minerals necessary for a kick start after the break.Eggs and tuna helps to maintain the protein need of your body.

Its easy to made and super easy to carry.You can select different recipes for different days.Mix and match veggies and seasoning to make a delicious tiffins menu.I personally pack veg one and all my colleagues are great fan of it.This one is perfect for weight maintenance also.


Salads are super easy to made.It does not contain any calories.It is a storage of vitamins and minerals.If you are a calorie conscious mom and want to reduce weight your tiffins menu should contain salads in it.Salads are always perfect from health issues.You need hardly 5 minutes to make a salad for your tiffin.
As again same salad may be boring.Try different variety of it.Innovate new combinations according to your taste.Combine vegetables,fruits,beans and your tiffins menu is ready.Chose dressing according to your own taste.

List of Salads:
1.Bean salad
2.Fruit salad
3.Green salad
4.Meat salad
5.Sea food salad
6.Cheese salad
7.Egg salad
8.Veg and Egg
9.Veg and meat
10.Fish salad

And the list goes on .Try any one from the above or create your own favorite salad.This is the healthiest tiffins menu for ourselves as well as for our husband also.


All of us love pancakes.Don't be afraid,it will not increase weight.Replace the regular all purpose flower with gluten free baking mix.You can make oat pancakes if you are a on a diet.Mix baking mix,baking powder,milk,grinned coconut and honey.Replace sugar with honey as it is full of antioxidants.Use virgin coconut oil to fry pancakes.
Now your healthy,calorie free coconut pancakes are ready.This should be enjoyed with your colleagues. Enjoy and go back to your childhood days where your mom used to pack pancakes in your tiffins menu.

List of Pancakes:
1.Banana pancakes
2.Blue berry pancakes
3.Whole Wheat pancakes
4.Oat Pancakes
5.Buttermilk pancakes
6.Pumpkin pancakes
7.Bacon Apple pancakes
8.Fruit topped pancakes
9.Pineapple pancakes
10.Coconut pancakes

List goes on.Select anyone as all of these are full of nutrients and are healthy variety of pancakes.Just replace the use of sugar with honey.Enjoy your tiffins menu.

4.Baked Cutlets: 

You can pack different types of cutlets in your tiffins menu as a change.Cutlets may be of different types as veg,chicken,mutton etc.As a companion also take a green apple and some other fruits with it.
As it is a fried item,replace it with the baked version if you are a health conscious person.But our body need fat also for proper functioning.Home made food are packed with goodness.So enjoy homemade cutlets in your tiffins menu.

List of Cutlets:
1.Veg cutlet
2.Chicken cutlet
3.Fish cutlet
4.Meat cutlet
5.Mushroom cutlet

5.Indian Healthy Tiffin Items:

If you are an Indian then you have a variety of healthy choices of recipes.A big list is always in your hand.Ask your mom,mother in laws.I am sure they have some power packed tiffin items in their diaries.And if you are a south Indian the the recipes are huge and healthy also.


List of Indian Snack:
1. Parathas
2. Dhokla
3. Dosa
4. Idli
5. Tawa roti and sabji
6.Puffed Rice


10 Delocious Tiffin Items:

Other than the above mentioned 5 healthy items one can select anything of their choice from the list below.These are mouth watering tiffin items that are only few from a long variety.Actually pack anything of your Choice from the list.All of them are easy to made.These are homemade food packed with lots of vitamin,mineral,carbs and protein.Listen to your doctor,take advice.Then pack your tiffins menu that is suitable for your health.

Pasta salad
1.Pasta salad
2.Chickpea salad with cucumber
4.Oat Porridge
5.Hummus and pita bread
6.Ham and spinach roll
7.Veg wrap
8.Popcorn and fruits
9.Stuffed veggies(stuffed capsicum,potato etc)
10.Sprout salad

These are few examples only.You have hundreds of recipes for tiffins menu.Just you have to select from this great range of recipes.You moms are smart enough to develop new version from every dishes.Your creativity will give you a new taste and health as well.Make time for yourself also.

 Hope you moms will no longer ignore yourself. Tiffins menu for a working mom is very important meal and  take care of  it.It should be packed with goodness of nutrients.I am sure you moms are ready to through away all junk foods and select tiffin items from the list.