Amazing Baby Weight Gain Food Chart

Baby Weight Gain Food Chart  is an important issue for the mothers who have kids who are underweight.Baby Weight Gain Food Chart   is a list that will help the moms to maintain a good weight of their baby.This list is a combination of natural best option to gain or maintain weight of your kids.
Kids Enjoying foods

Most of the mother keep complaining that their child do not want to eat.Some of them are worried about the wrong food habit of their kids.I as a mother of a 5 year old girl see it quite difficult to grow a healthy food habit.I also feel frustrated opening her unfinished tiffin box.But i never give her junk food  which is more favorite to kids.I keep trying different menus that can be delicious also healthy for the child.

Baby Weight Gain Food Chart  

This  list of 7 best  Food for Toddlers to Gain Weight will help to gain or maintain weight for your kid.Check whether your kid is underweight or not.Then decide the diet chart which will help him/her to gain weight and be healthy.These food are not only weight gaining but these are good for brain development,muscle build,good source of vitamins and instant calorie supplier.
Again every kid is not same.Don't compare your child with other kids.Encourage them to eat.Try different new recipes.Took them to picnic with other kid as well to let them mingle and pick up the best eating habit of their own.

1.Whole Milk:

Milk is one of the best element of Baby Weight Gain Food Chart   .It is easily available and cheaper compared to the other sources available.This is the best source of calcium for children also.It is easily digestive and a balanced diet in all circumstances.Also other diary products like cheese,butter is full of healthy fats for the growth of your kids.
Also milk is full of protein,vitamin B1,B12,A,D and pottasium,phosphorous.Out of which calcium ensures healthy bones for your child. Potassium,riboflavin,thiamin(B12,B1) plays crucial role in the development of their brain and nervous system.
Give at least 2 glasses of milk per day to your kid.Substitute plain milk with smoothies like banana,mango,strawberry smoothies.Add butter,cheese to your kids sandwich,pasta and this will help them for healthy weight gain.Pack their tiffin box with lots of goodness of fruits,veggies.The most important is the inclusion of cereals like rice,wheat which are packed with carbohydrate which help in weight gain.

Children Drinking milk


Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates which promotes healthy weight gain.Also potatoes are rich source of vitamins A,B,C and iron,calcium and antioxidants.Potatoes are parts of kids favorite zone too.
Cook delicious recipes like potato salads,potato soup,french fries,chips etc.They will love to eat and it will ensure their growth too.

3.Fruits and Vegetables:

You should add lots of veggies and fruits in your children's diet chart.Throw away junk foods,spicy and oily foods at a bay.Green vegetables and fruits kick start metabolism.Fruits and vegetables balances the vitamins necessary for your children. Build a healthy food habit which is the key for the healthy weight gain.
Try endless variety with fruits and vegetables so that you can attract your child to munch fruits and veggies.Also teach them how good is a bite of apple than a pizza.Apply the natural food habit from the very beginning(from pregnancy) to keep your child away from junk unhealthy street food.What you eat in your pregnancy is the natural tendency of food habit of your kid.This will lead to a habit when they enter to teen ages.Now you can be happy and relax.
Kid Munching Veggies


Bananas are packed with healthy carbohydrates and instant energy.This pocket saving fruit is easily available and is great source of calorie for the active little baby.One banana supplies nearly about 105 calorie.This is one of the best and quickest weight gain food among the list of Baby Weight Gain Food Chart .
This super versatile fruit can be a part of fruit salad,smoothies,pancakes,desserts which are all time favorite of the kids.


Chicken is high source of lean meat and good fat.This helps in developing muscle in your kid.So chicken does not make your kid fatty instead it helps in building muscle.
Now add a chicken rice bowl,chicken soup,chicken noodles,chicken roast in your kid recipe.For the kids who love to play outdoor games chicken must be included in the diet as it will help to build muscle.



Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive, high quality protein,good fats and minerals.Try to include one egg in your kids breakfast and be stress free for the day.Kids love to have boiled egg,omelet or egg sandwich.Cook their favorite option and see their happiness.Egg provides calorie to your growing baby and it plays important role in developing their brains.
More than half the protein of an egg is found in the egg white along with vitamin B2 and lower amounts of fat than the yolk. Eggs are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper.Egg is one of the cheapest option of Baby Weight Gain Food Chart  .


Ghee is an excellent source of fat-soluble vitamins and healthy fatty acids from desi cow’s milk.Desi ghee is a source of fat, it is also a concentrated source of calories.It can be added to the soup or rice to help weight gain.
Alternatively add 1 tablespoon on ghee with one tablespoon full sugar.Now give two times to your child before meal in a day.Do it for one month.See the result after one month.

Hope this Baby Weight Gain Food Chart  helps you to maintain a good body weight of your kid.Include these items in the diet chart of your baby and see the difference.First of all admit that you want a healthy baby rather than a chubby one.So concentrate on the healthy muscle and bone growth rather than a fatty kid.Best of luck for a active healthy kid.