How To Stay Cool In Summer With 5 Best Summer Cooling Drinks

Here are the tips that will help to know how to stay cool in summer.You can beat the heat with these simple summer refreshing drinks.The best and easy summer drinks are the solution of how to stay cool in summer.
We are in the start of June and mercury in going on and on.In this hot and humid weather all of us looking for how to stay cool in summer.In India the summer is very hot.In my place though it is not that much high.In northern and western India the temperature reaches up to nearly 45-49 C.A refreshing cooling drink is what we are looking for in the streets and as well as in our house.Kids also loosing their energy after schools.A cooling drink is what all they need after school,tuition.You must give them a healthy summer drink when they are coming back from playground.
Coconut Water
Most of the office goers,school going kids are always tend to consume unhealthy colorful drinks which are available in the streets.Most of the people don't even bother what they are drinking to refresh themselves.These drinks may appear attractive and may also give satisfaction when you feel thirsty,but is harmful for our body.A big portion of them are biased for different carbonated cold drinks.These are carbonated sweetened water only ,that is neither a solution of how to stay cool in summer nor is healthy.
So in this summer we will make a resolution that we should opt for healthy drinks only.There are few healthy summer drinks also that are refreshing,easy to make and  healthy.Don't be impatient,always carry water in your bag.In this hot summer water is the best answer to how to stay cool in summer .

5 Best Summer Cooling Drinks:

Here we will discuss 5 best summer cooling drinks that are healthy and easy to make in home.These are also available in the market.All of the drinks described below are full of nutrients essential for your body.These are refreshing,tasty and easily available.

1.Lemon Mint Water

Lemon Mint Water
Lemon Mint Water is one the best drinks to keep your body cool in this hot sunny days.It is super easy to prepare and very healthy when compared to the carbonated water.Just take water in a glass. Squeeze one lemon into the glass.Add crushed fresh mint leaves to the glass and the drink is ready to beat the heat.Try to avoid the addition of sugar.
This Drink is also one of the best detox water recipe.Detox water cleanses you body.It also reduce weight to a great extent.It is also good to wash all the impurities from the heart,artery and cells.We loose water in form of sweats in summer so it is necessary to drink liquids after some intervals.

2.Coconut Water

Coconut Water is like a blessing in the summer.No need to worry about the recipes.This is also good for diabetic patients.No preparation time needed.It is easily available in almost all places.It is full of nutrients.Coconut water is a tasty drink for the diabetic patients.It helps to control blood pressure,blood sugar,prevents kidney stones and provide hydration for the body.It has proven benefits on heart health also.
Coconut Water
It is considered as one of the finest source of potassium.Coconut water also contains protein,vitamin C,thiamine,sodium,iron and calcium.All these nutrients is responsible to add coconut water in this list,In fact it is the best one in my view as all people including patients can take this.This is the best refreshing and body cooling drink from all angle.Just cut and enjoy.
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3. Lassi

Lassi is an Indian homemade delicacy that is a fabulous summer drink.The tastiest answers to how to stay cool in summer is undoubtedly Lassi. It is available in different flavors in the market.The names in the list are Mango Lassi,Pista Lassi,Kesar Lassi,Sweet Lassi etc.You can choose your favorite flavor from the options.But apart from all varieties the regular lassi is the best in my views.

Lassi in pot
The main ingredient is chilled Curd.Blend one cup of Curd,6-8 ice cubes,2 tbsp sugar,1 pinch of salt and 2 drops of rose water and one glass of water in a blender.Your regular lassi is ready.Serve it in an earthen pot.
For diabetic patient sugar should be avoided.Instead add 1 pinch of roasted cumin powder for taste.You can add mint for better taste.

4.Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is undoubtedly one of the best beverages when you are thirsty.Sugarcane juice gives instant energy.It is rich source of protein,calcium,potassium,magnesium,iron,vitamin C.These nutrients helps our body to combat stress,ageing and preventing cancer as well.Sugarcane juice also helps in pregnancy,in digestion,in loosing weight.
To make the juice in home 1st peel the outer skin of 1 ripe sugarcane.Then make small pieces of it.Add the pieces and add one small piece of ginger into the blender.Strain the juice ,add salt and ice cubes for better taste.It is considered very good for the fever and jaundices also.

Sugarcane Juice

5.Aam Panna

Aam panna is mainly an Indian drink known for its heat resistance properties.It is full of antioxidants of raw mango.It comes generally in light green color.In my childhood my mother use to prepare this drink when we come back from school after sunbathing.The taste and effect can never be forgotten.In Different part of India it is termed in other names but the delicacy is the same.

Aam Panna
To make Aam panna 1st peel the skin of raw mangoes and cut in pieces.Boil 2 raw mangoes in a pressure cooker.Cool down and mash the mango pieces.Then add 6 tbsp of sugar,1 tbsp of salt,1 pinch roasted cumin powder to it.Add 5 glasses of chilled water to the mango.Grind and make a paste of mint leaves.Add one table spoon of the paste to the drink.Now the drink is ready to beat the heat.

Hope these 5 Amazing drink will help you to stay cool in this summer.Some other healthy drinks are buttermilk,banana shake,fresh fruit juice,Jaljeera,Bel sarbat etc.You can make any of the above 5 drinks very easily at home.Also these are available easily in the market.In this hot summer use the drinks to cool your body.These refreshing drinks are also tasty and healthy.


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