How To Go To Sleep Fast In 10 Natural Way

Sleep is one of the most important parameter to lead a good lifestyle.At least 6-8 hours of sleep is required for the body for proper functioning.If you ask me,i will never compromise my sleep in any circumstances.I feel lucky that sleep has never been a problem issue for me.But this is not the case for all of us.All of us are not in the same orbit.Check out the 10 natural way of how to go to sleep fast in this article.These tips will help you to know how to go to sleep fast in 15 minutes.
Sleeping problems may ruin someone's life.People suffering from this problem tried every option,take medical help but still the problem remains as it is.I have seen my mom to go through this problem several times.It is painful not to sleep at night and then to perform scheduled work in daytime.Some even walk in the room at night and go to sleep in the early morning.

Sleep well
In modern life we all are going through stress even the kids.Then lots of modern amenities like mobile,T.V,other gadgets are there.Most of the people indulge themselves in Facebook,Whatsapp chats,games just before going to sleep.Which is silently killing the quality of sleep.Even we do late night party,doing stressful work,reading right before going to sleep.So, the regular biological clock has been drastically changed in an improper way.

How To Go To Sleep Fast in 10 Natural Ways

1.Follow The Natural Clock:

The most important thing for a insomnia patient is to follow natural clock cycle.Wake up in morning when the sunlight is on.Try to remain in low light as much as you can in the night time.Avoid to be in highly lighted rooms as low as you can at night.This will enhance the calmness of our mind and soul.This small trick will certainly help you to sleep quickly.Go to bed as early as you can after finishing work.Try to wake up at the same time even if you have not sleep well at night.Motivate yourself to wake in the morning at a fixed time so that your body becomes habituated towards a fixed routine .

2.Lower Room Temperature

If you are suffering from sleeping disorders lower room temperature may help you to come out from this problem.So take the remote of your A.C and maintain a lower temperature at 22℃-25℃.This steady low temperature will send a positive signal to your brain that i am ready to sleep.The temperature range preference may vary for different persons.Also try to wash feet and palm to lower the body temperature.Take a shower with lukewarm water before going to bed.

3.Finish day work early

Try to finish household work,office work and other duties as early as you can.Motivate your children to finish their homework by 8 P.M.Finish some little daily work for the next day after finishing the dinner.After dinner you can arrange the bags of yourself,school bags of your kids,office wears,school uniforms as you can't directly go to bed after dinner.You can also do the selection of menu for the next day in this spare time.These simply will help you to feel relaxed as you are prepared for the next day.Eventually this relaxation and calmness will lead you towards a better sleep.Stay away from computer,laptops,TV,mobile.

Healthy sleep

4.Dinner Time

Stick to a particular dinner time.Choose any time between 7-8 P.M.Try to finish dinner at least 3-4 hours before going to bed.This good habit will help you to digest the food,maintain your shape and most importantly prepare your body for a sound sleep.Avoid high carb diet at dinner.Build a good lifestyle to sleep well.Munch banana,cherry,walnut,almond in your evening snack as these are considered helpful for a healthy sleep. A cup of warm milk with 1 tbsp of almond powder is the best beverage for a steady sleep.Read more about other benefits of milk Top 10 Whole Milk Nutrition Facts.

5. Exercise

Be active. Exercise is the key to healthy sleep.Do any kind of physical work go to gym,swim in the pool or whatever you like in morning or evening.Walking or jogging in a open space is considered best as it lowers the stress level also.Avoid doing exercise 3-4 hours before going to bed as it generates body heat.If you do any kind of exercise everyday your cortisol hormone(stress hormone)will be decreased.This will enhance the sleep duration and quality both.

6.Say No To Nap

Learn to say no to daytime nap.If you are suffering from sleeping issue,stay away from bed in daytime.This little sacrifice is the way to a healthy sleep.Go to bed finally when you are ready to sleep.

7.Practice Yoga,Meditation

A good sleep is finally the result of a prolonged happy soul.So do a little bit to make yourself relaxed,happy.
Hold the hand of age old Yoga postures.The deep breathing exercises of yoga help you to calm your soul.Practice the pranayams like kapalbhati,Anulome-bilome everyday in empty stomach.
Deep breathing exercise are powerful,effective in case of insomnia.
Do meditation to remove depression and be a happy you. Sleep well.

8.Listen to Music

You can listen to soft music at bedtime.Soft music help our brain to lower the cortisol level.Listening music boost our sleep to a great extent.A lower tone should be used as this will calm our system.You can listen to Buddhist,Hindu chanting mantras as these are very much soothing for our mind.

Switch off unnecessary electronic gadgets.Stay away from T.V,mobile,laptops.Avoid chatting online at late night.Keep these gadgets out of reach.I am sure in few days you will get back your natural sleep.

9.Avoid Caffeine Intake

Avoid taking tea,coffee frequently if you want to sleep well.Restrict yourself to only one cup of tea or coffee per day that too without sugar.Consumption of tea,coffee after evening may be disastrous for you.If you want to wake up happily, stay away from these beverages.Instead a cup of milk with a pinch of nutmeg can help you to sleep well.This should be consumed if you want to know how to go to sleep fast in 15 minutes.

10.Go Green

Plants like aloevera or spider plants can be extremely beneficial for a good sleep.These plants provides 24 hours oxygen.Moreover these are air purifying plants.Place one in your bedroom.I have done this,practically saying it works.
Again Lavender oil and bhingraj oil is known for sleep initiation effect.Apply these oils on head before bedtime.Use comfortable mattress,pillow.You will surely enjoy a sound sleep.

Follow the above stated steps for at least 15 days.See the results.Do not cheat on any point.Don't get frustrated because it may take time in some cases as these are natural remedies.But if you follow everything sleep quality and duration is bound to increase.Sleep well.Be happy!!


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