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Watermelon Calories And Watermelon For Weight Loss

A red bit of delectable invigorating watermelon is a mystery weight reduction weapon for all the large individuals..Daily inclusion of watermelon in our diet keeps us healthy and fit. When i was struggling to reduce my weight with dieting,this giant fruit helped me a lot.Watermelon Calories is very low which is superb for weight loss. Here in this article Watermelon Calories and watermelon benefits will be discussed.Watermelon is as good for our skin as Watermelon For Weight Loss. This article will  also discuss about Watermelon For Weight Loss .
Watermelon is one of the best fruit that help us to lose weight.About 90% of watermelon weight is of water.Because of high water content it hydrates our body.That is why we can't even imagine our summer picnic or party by the pool without this red super juicy fruit.Watermelon can be consumed raw as it is sweet and delicious.It can be a part of fruit salad,juice,sorbet etc.Watermelon Calories are as low as it's prices.So this cheap fruit is a must have in your diet plan if you are looking to lose weight.It is from the same group of pumpkin,cucumber.This refreshing tasty fruit is packed with water and lots of nutrients.It is also known for immense health benefits like blood pressure,blood sugar,heart health etc.

Watermelon for weight loss

Watermelon Calories 

The juicy,red,refreshing fruit contains nearly 90% of water and only few calories.Lower Watermelon Calories is the reason for the extreme popularity of this fruit among health conscious people.100 gm of watermelon contains only 30 calorie.So If we substitute breakfast and evening snack with 100 gm watermelon calorie intake is only 30 calories,no fat,no cholesterol. While 100 gm of mango contains 66 calorie with 3% fat,100 gm apple contains 52 calorie,100 gm of almond contains tremendous 581 calorie.

Watermelon Nutritional Facts:

Watermelon serving :100 gm

Calories: 30
sodium:       1 mg
Potassium:   112 mg
protein:   0.6 gm
carbs:      8 gm
sugar:      6 gm
Fiber:      1.1 gm
Fat:          0.4 gm
Vitamin A:  11% of daily required value
Vitamin C:  30% of daily required value

Watermelon For Weight Loss

As Watermelon Calories is very low it makes it superb for weight loss.100 gm of watermelon contains only 30 calorie.If we substitute breakfast and evening snack with 80 gm of watermelon.Then for this we are consuming 160 gm of watermelon.So the proportional calorie is 48 with no fat ,no cholesterol,nearly zero carbs.These can be done easily to reduce weight to a certain extent.Watermelon is full of 90% of water.It makes you feel full for several hours,which in turn lowers the intake of unhealthy snacks.Avoid consuming watermelon at night as it is not good for digestive system.Also it increases the rate of toilet if consumed at night.
But if you are looking for quick weight loss try watermelon diet described below for 7 days.Keep it mind that continuing this diet for more than 7 days at a stretch may lead to weakness.

Watermelon diet

If you are looking to reduce weight through diet you may try this watermelon diet.Watermelon diet is quite similar to pineapple diet.The key factor is to flush out all the toxins from our body which increases the metabolism rate.
Here you can consume only watermelon for 5-7 days at a stretch.And their is rule for consumption. You may consume 1 kg of watermelon at max for 10 kg body weight.It means if someone weighs 50 kg he can intake maximum 5 kg of watermelon.
There is a caution.Watermelon is very low calorie fruit and contains very few nutritional benefits.It has a poor quantity of dietary fiber.So relying on this diet for more than 7 days may be harmful for our health system.

Watermelon Health Benefits

1.Flush toxins:
Watermelon contains 90% of water.So it assists with flushing out the poisons from our body.This is additionally useful for our kidney well being.

2.Heart Friendly:
Watermelon is rich in lycopene contain. Lycopene is a antioxidant that helps to keep good heart health. Lycopene is helpful in repairing cell damages thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks.This red fruit is also rich in Potassium and vitamin C which  helps to reduce cholesterol.

3.Skin And Hair Benefits:

As we know already watermelon contains vitamin A and vitamin C.These vitamins help for collagen formation.That enhances the health of skin and hair.

4.Anti Cancer:
The antioxidant Lycopene is helpful to repair cell damages. Lycopene is only available in the red fleshy type of watermelon.It is extremely beneficial for cancer prevention specially prostrate cancer.

5.Lowers High Blood Pressure:
Lycopene together with potassium lowers the high blood pressure.So consume more watermelon to keep your blood pressure to normal range.

Apart from the above mentioned health benefits watermelon has immense benefits.It is refreshing in summer,good for hydration,anti ageing.It gives us healthy bone,hair and glowing skin.
Hope this article will help you to know exact calorie of this brilliant red fruit.I tried hard to help you know how to lose weight with watermelon..Also read  Can Yoga Help Lose Weight and hold the hand of yoga to reduce weight with yoga.Stay slim and fit.

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