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Is mustard oil good for hair?

Mustard oil is one of the favorite cooking oil in the world. Apart from cooking uses mustard oil has huge uses in hair care and in skincare also. Is mustard oil good for hair? Check out the answer to this question and also note down different mustard oil benefits for hair. 
Mustard oil is in existence before the birth of Christ. It was known for different medical features since five centuries before the birth of Christ. From ancient ages, our predecessor knows the benefit of mustard oil for hair.
The deviation of mustard seed is a historical myth. It is assumed that the origin of mustard oil is Canada. It is also assumed that it has existed in China, Greece, and India before the birth of Christ.

Mustard Oil
Mustard seed is mainly of two types. One mustard seed is white or yellow in color and known as "Brassica hirta".The other is black in color and is known as "Brassica juncea".Most of the mustard oil is produced from black seed and it is a bit pungent in flavor
Mustard oil is produced in two methods i.e by pressing and by grinding the seeds. It is widely used in northern and eastern India for cooking. In other countries also It is used in different recipes. Mustard sauce is also a favorite dressing.
In northern and eastern India mustard oil is used in massaging scalp and hair. Uses of mustard oil for hair is immense. Mustard oil is very beneficial for skin and hair. In the Punjab region of India mustard is abundantly grown. It is used majorly as cooking oil and also in skincare and as hair oil.

In Ayurveda, mustard oil is mentioned as a therapeutic oil for arthritis, asthma, joint pain. My grandmother used to massage her hair with mustard oil and the shine I can't forget till now. Its miraculous effect will definitely help us to gain long, shiny hair. If your hair is healthy there is no need to apply chemical hair products.

Is Mustard Oil Good For Hair?

Apart from amazing health benefits mustard oil offer huge benefits for hair and skin also. Mustard oil is full of protein,omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, selenium, iron, calcium, beta carotene, and vitamins A, E, K. These nutrients help to stimulate the growth of hair, prevent hair losses. As a result, we get strong healthy hair.
As an Indian, we all know why is mustard oil good for hair. That is why our grandmother gives advice to massage hair with mustard oil. A good hot mustard oil massage removes all pain including headaches and gives huge relief from pain. Not only relaxation, mustard oil benefits for massage have huge importance for the health of hair also.
Undoubtedly mustard oil is good for hair. Mustard oil when mixed with other herbs like garlic,jatamansi, etc works wonder on joint pain. Mustard oil mixed with coconut oil can be massaged to get strong long hair.

Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil Benefits For Hair:

1.Promotes Hair Growth:

The first answer to "Is mustard oil good for hair" is yes because mustard oil stimulates hair growth. Mustard oil is rich in protein, calcium, vitamin A, E, K. Protein is important for the health of hair follicles.
Regular massage with mustard oil stimulates blood circulation in the head. It hydrates the scalp and hair. You can massage mustard oil, after 1-hour wash with shampoo for better results.
Otherwise, mustard paste together with onion juice may be used for hair growth. Mix mustard oil with coconut oil, amla oil and vitamin E. This will be the best combination for naturally bouncy hair. 

Long Black Hair

2.Prevent Premature Graying:

We all know that our hair loses its natural color at a certain age. But nowadays due to the wrong lifestyle, pollution, and chemical hair treatments premature graying is a  common problem. Mustard oil contains beta carotene which restores natural hair color.
But you have to take regular mustard oil massage before the arrival of the problem. Mix jatamansi herb, amla with mustard oil for better prevention from gray hair. This is why is mustard oil is good for hair.
Never go outside with oily hair as it attracts pollutants and hair loses its natural shine. Hibiscus flower also prevents premature greying. You can check  Super 7 Hibiscus Benefits For Hair

3. Heal Headache:

Mustard oil is the main base ingredient of every pain-removing herbal oil. When mustard oil is mixed with Jatamansi, Brahmi,, Haritaki, Guduchi, etc it becomes a deadly herbal oil for any pain including headache. Mustard oil massage will heal your pain. This is the main mustard oil benefits for massage.

Jatamansi is also good for premature graying. Brahmi is also super for insomnia. So Mustard oil together with the above herbs improve sleep, removes joint pain, headache. For a good relaxation massage hot mustard oil before going to bed. Now you know why is mustard oil good for hair.


4.Treats Scalp Infection:

Mustard oil is full of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. That is why it is used to treat minor scalp infections. It removes itchiness due to the dryness of the scalp.
Regular mustard oil massage helps to avoid the occurrence of severe scalp problems also. Another important mustard oil benefits for massage.

5.Prevent Hair Loss:

Mustard oil is rich in protein, It also contains zinc, iron, calcium, selenium. These minerals play a crucial role in preventing hair loss. If this mineral is reduced massive hair fall occurs.
Mustard oil, castor oil, and coconut oil can be mixed to prepare an anti-hair-fall oil. This oil should be massaged 2 hours before the shower and after 4 weeks to see the result. In addition to this, use mustard oil as the primary cooking oil so that your body gets zinc, iron, calcium to prevent hair fall.

Coconut and Mustard Oil

6.Conditions Hair:

Mustard oil is a very good natural conditioner. Natural alpha fatty acids in mustard oil condition the hair. So it makes mustard oil a good conditioner.
Hydration is important for smooth and silky hair. Hair conditioning is very important for maintaining the water content for frizzy hair.

7.Prevent Split-Ends: 

Regular exposure to the sun, chemical hair treatments, blow driers make our hair dull. As a result, we get split ends in our hair. Mustard oil helps to remove split-ends.
The vitamin E, protein helps the hair to repair the split ends and ensure healthy hair. For dry dull hair, mustard oil is like magic. That is why is mustard oil good for hair. Also apply 10 Hair care Tips for better results.

So, the above seven mustard oil benefits for hair are the answers to "Is mustard oil good for hair".We have discussed above why is mustard oil is good for hair. Regular massage of this oil can remove all the problems and will give you bouncy shiny hair.
I hope this article will help you to combat the hair problems you have and regular use of the oil will ensure healthy hair.

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