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Best Places To Visit In Kochi- The Kerala Diary

Kochi is the famous industrial and business capital of Kerala. Kochin now Kochi is a natural port situated at the bank of the Arabian ocean. From ancient times it was famous for its trade, among British, Dutch, and Portugal merchants. Vasko Da Gama reached Kochi in 1498 and build an agreement with the then ruler, to start a business in Kerala.

Kochi is not only famous for trade but for the places to visit in Kochi.  Black pepper, cardamom, coconut, rubber, coconut oil are mainly exported from this portKochi is constructed with 10 small islands. Kochi is considered the 2nd largest port after Mumbai in India.
Bigger Kochi is an amalgamation of Ernakulam, Willingdon island, and the fort. A big bridge is connecting all of the three-part. Bus, Taxi, Motorboats are running between them. Tourists have an excellent opportunity to sail from one island to another by boat.
The main language is Malayalam. English, Tamil, Hindi is also spoken. The Appropriate Time to travel the places to visit in Kochi is from mid of October to March. Always carry an umbrella while you are in Kerala.

Places To Visit In Kochi

In spite of being the 2nd largest port, Kochi is famous for its places to visit in Kochi. The beautiful beaches under the rows of coconut trees, magical backwater, artificial Willingdon island are the main attraction of Kochi. I have listed the best places to visit in Kochi in the following section.
Ernakulam Junction is connected to all major cities in India by train. It has a beautiful airport which is also well connected. The nearest big cities are Chennai and Trivandrum. The Central bus terminus is situated at a 10-minute walking distance from Ernakulam junction rail station.

1.Folklore Museum

The museum is dedicated to Folk and Tribal art, Anthropology, Architecture, History, Culture, and Heritage of South India. It was the 1st point of the Kochi tour. The tiny museum offers a huge collection of artifacts. 

Though I don't like to spend time in museums, it was something different. The wooden and bronze sculptures, amazing terracotta, stone pieces, masks, utensils, jewelry, painting, oil lamps, and finally the staircase everything left a strong impact on my memory. The poison checking pot, Padmanavaswamy statue, musical instrument all are amazing. 
This place is a must-visit for the students, travelers, researchers, and art lovers. This is the one and only architectural museum in Kerala.

2.Fort Kochi

A small village of fishermen, converted to the 1st European township in India is a must-visit among places to visit in cochin in 1 day. Kochi is named 'Fort Kochi' after East India Company built a giant fort here.

Places to visit in Fort Kochi and Mattancherry offer a tour of history. You can feel the history here in the architecture of  Immanuel fort, Jew township, Vasko Da Gama tomb. these are examples of  British, Jewish, Portugal architecture, and sculpture. Fort Kochi beach looks fabulous during sunset.No entry fee is needed and is open on all days of the week.

3.Chinese fishing net

A simple man-made thing can add huge beauty to a township like a fishing net. You must visit the Chinese fishing net, which is an extraordinary one in places to visit in Kochi. The amalgamation of sea, river, backwater is beautiful.

Chinese fishing net

If you have only one day in hand Chinese fishing net should be at the top of places to visit in cochin in 1 day. Enjoy the sunset under the shade of big trees. Here are a few tourist spots closely spaced nearer. 
The unique way of catching fish was introduced by Chinese traders in the 15th century. The nets are operated from the shore by a mechanical process. The same technic is used since then. But as a tourist, you will get a great panoramic view with the sea, fishing nets, ships.

4.Mattancherry Palace

This palace was situated in a place called Mattancherry.In 1555 Portugals built and presented this palace to the then ruler of Kochi. After 100 years they renovate the palace and from then it is called Dutch palace. This is a two-storied building built in traditional Kerala nallukettu style.

I fall in love with the simplicity of this palace. The unique black marble flooring, decorated ceiling are amazing. The palace has a dining hall, central courtyard, assembly hall, royal bed-chamber, ladies quarter, etc.

The central courtyard is a big one. All the judgments used to be carried out from this hall. The weapons, dresses, paintings of Kochi rulers are now displayed here. It is open every day except Friday.

5.Jewish synagogue

It is the oldest active synagogue in India as well as the commonwealth countries. A small lane between Jewish synagogue and Mattancherry palace is called the Jew Town. It is a great place for shopping. It is the oldest antique market in India.
You will notice a lot of artifacts displayed on the wall of the synagogue. The Synagogue is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm except for Fridays, Saturdays and Jewish Holidays.

6. Cherai Beach

It is located at a distance of 15 km from Kochi. If you like calm and serene beach Cherai is recommended. Low tides make it a favorite place for travelers who like to swim.Other water sports are also there.
There is a green walkway with the seating arrangement. A lot of luxury villas, hotels are there to spend quality time. You have to skip this beautiful beach if you have one day in hand. Explore all other places to visit in cochin in 1 day

6. Willingdon Island

It is the biggest artificial island in India. Willingdon was formed by filling soil around an existing tiny island. The soil which was dressed to increase the navigability of Kochi natural port used to be dropped here unintentionally. This is how it was formed.
It connects major international seaports to Kochi. Willingdon houses the major offices of navy, port trust, and customs. Kochi airport is also situated here.

7.ST. Francis Church

This is a famous church among Christian travelers. The great sailer of Portugal who discovered the route to India from Europe was buried here. Later his body was taken to Portugal after 14 years of his death. The church was built in 1510. Travelers will be surprised to witness timber-framed rooftop,  wooden confession box.

I hope you are satisfied with the list of best places to visit in Kochi. It will take one to two full days to visit Kochi. Plan and finalize the places to visit in cochin in 1 day. If you like to visit Kerala more, here is a Kerala tour itinerary for 8 days.
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