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The Beaches Of Goa -Goa part 2

Goa is the smallest state in India. Only 110 km long and 60 km wide. It has 29 golden sea beach in its 105 km long coastline. Not only from India, but the romantic seashore of Goa also attacks tourists from all over the world.
Names of the beaches in Goa are famous all over the world for its beautiful long white sand beaches. It was like a dream to fly through the narrow lanes beside the beaches amidst nature.

The state is divided into two districts. North Goa is situated in the north of Mandovi river estuary.  The fabulous beaches are the best place in goa for visit. In the shade of the coconut trees along the shore of the Arabian sea, the golden beaches of North Goa are situated.
The best beaches of Goa (North)are Calangute, Arambol, Candolim, Sinquem, Baga, Anjuna, Vagator, Chhapora.

Candolim beach

The main language of Goa is Konkani. Marathi, Hindi, English, Portuguese also are spoken here. Goa features a tropical monsoon climate.
The tourist season starts from mid-September to March. The peak season is from December to January. It has rich flora and fauna owing to its location to the Western ghat range.
The Portuguese, British, Dutch, French everyone came to goa from 1510. Some came for tourism, some for trade, and some to place its kingdom. Goa was conquered by the Portuguese in 1510 and was mainly under their control up to 1961.
The famous golden beaches, happening nightlife, world heritage listed architectures are the best place in goa for visit. Today I will take you to the best beaches in Goa.

The Beaches of Goa -

The beaches of Goa besides the blue Arabian sea counted as the best place for leisure entertainment in India. The white sand beaches at the golden sunset are like a trap for the thirsty traveler. Along with the beaches of Goa, green mountains, rivers, waterfall, mangrove forests are also there for the tourists to enjoy.

#1. Sinquerim Beach

Right adjacent to Fort Aguada is Sinquerim beach. This beach comes at 1st of the list of beaches of Goa according to my own route.
We came down to the beach from the Aguada fort. This beach is famous for a picturesque, calm environment, water sports. The coconut trees were covering the serene blue water like a scarf.
Sinquem beach

If you want to enjoy some exotic water sports go to this goa spot. This beach is located just beside Candolim beach and at 4 km distance from the Aguada fort. There is a chance of spotting a dolphin in the sea while sailing in a local fiber boat.
Timings: All Time
Distance: (From Fort Aguada): 4 Kms
Duration:  1-2 Hours/ depend upon you

#2. Baga Beach

If you have to pick the most happening beach in Goa you are bound to select this one. The green high mountain works like a backdrop for this picturesque beach. This beach is located in north Goa adjacent to Calangute beach. The Baga river merges the sea in the north of the beach.

Most of the famous hotels, Night clubs, casinos, pubs are located here. Here are a lot of things to do after sunset. You can go to a shake and enjoy candlelight dinner. Total Baga is decorated with candles and led like a bride at night.

Baga is the most famous among the beaches of Goa. I enjoyed parasailing, speed boats, jet ski, banana riding, bumper ride, kayaking here. It was thrilling. All water sports come in a package of Rs 2500 for one person. Or you can choose an individual one according to your choice. Every ride will cost nearly Rs 500.
If you don't like watersports take a bed under the umbrella and enjoy the waves. The beach is very crowded. Again it switches to party mood as the sun sets down. If you don't like the atmosphere better move to Anjuna or Arambol beaches for solitude.

#3. Calangute Beach

Calangute is called the Queen of beaches. The Zhou tree, shrub-covered golden beach is as beautiful as a virgin woman. This beach is sandwiched between Candolim and Baga beach. It has Baga beach in the north and Candolim in the south.
This also has a white sand shore almost like Baga. But not stony in nature. You can enjoy swimming here in the sea. The sunset view is marvelous from Calangute. The beach is also crowded indeed like Baga.

This beach is perfect if you want to enjoy it with your family. Unlike Baga, there are few shakes and clubs. If you are looking for a peaceful family beach this is your destination. This beach is 4 km long. It came to limelight for its calm golden beach in 1960. At that time it was a small village of local fishermen. It is overcrowded now.

Timings: All Time 24 hours
Distance: (From Fort Baga): 1 Kms
Duration:  1-2 Hours

#4.Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach is situated 1.5 km north of the hill situated at the Baga beach. Vagator beach is there adjacent to Anjuna. Anjuna is also famous for the black sand shores. The color of the sand is black here which makes it unique. Also, you will be welcomed by small turtles here.
Anjuna becomes the meeting place for hippies all over the world. This beach is famous for sunbath and a sea bath.
This beach is rocky in nature. Albukark mansion built-in 1920 is another attraction of Anjuna. Anjuna flea market every Wednesday comes definitely at the best places to visit in goa. Rose garden, Gregory's restaurants, and lots of other famous restaurants are here. Tourists come to eat their famous seafood platter. We have enjoyed the Goan buffet.

#5.Chhapora Beach

Chhapora Fort is located in North Goa, near to Vagator beach. This Fort is famous as lots of scenes were filmed in a Bollywood movie "Dil Chahta Hai".If you like Hindi movies you will fall in love with the fort.
A narrow Chhapora beach is situated at the foothill of the fort. Today its ruins are there. But the fabulous view of the Chhapora river, narrow Chhapora beach, and the meeting place of sea and river are clearly visible from the fort. This is one of the best places to visit in goa.

We had a beautiful time there. Just relax and enjoy the view. The Chhapora river meets the Arabian sea here. The fort gives a spectacular view of the Vagator and the Anjuna beaches.  Take lots of pictures as you are at the top of those beaches.
A musical party at the village of the local fisherman is another attraction on every Friday night. There are arrangements for food and local drink Fenny.

#6.Vagator Beach

Vagator beach is clam and most serene among the beaches of Goa. It is situated 3 km north of Chhapora beach. Anjuna beach is situated in the south after the hill.
According to location, this beach is divided into 3 parts, big, middle, and little. It attracts tourists who love nature and calmness. Vagator beach is not crowded. This lonely beautiful beach is now rapidly becoming popular among the beaches of Goa.

#7.Arambol Beach

The last one in the names of the beaches in Goa is Arambol. This virgin beach is situated 23 km north of Baga. Buses, cars, and rented bikes are available to reach this remote beach. According to beauty, this is the best beaches in Goa.
Palm tree surrounded this white sand beach is beautiful and lonely. The drive towards the beach was another treat to us. You will be welcomed by green hills, fruit trees, long golden coastal line. Very few tourists came here so it is not overcrowded.

Foreign tourists are huge in numbers. They take rest at the camps and hotels situated at the hills and beach. It took nearly half an hour to reach Arambol. We will never forget the drive in our life. We spent the whole day here enjoying the amazing golden beach and the calmness.
At the end of the coastline, the basalt hill is kissing the sea. Morjim beach is also rapidly becoming famous for its beauty. You can easily visit this beach on the way as it is nearer to Arambol.

Apart from the best beaches of Goa, other best places on goa are casinos, cruise, forts etc. Every beach has its own uniqueness. It will take 4-5 days to cover all the beaches of Goa.
I hope this article on the beaches of Goa will help you to plan your tour. Please share and give your valuable suggestions.
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