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Hair Care in Winter:How to Take Care of Hair in Winter?

Winter is knocking at our doorsteps silently. Most of the Indians are waiting for the winter as they love cold weather. We have to deal with chapped lips, static hair, and dry, itchy skin. So we should be prepared to welcome winter with healthy skin and hair.

Hair becomes static and dull during winter. For shiny strong hair, we should follow winter hair care tips. The Hair becomes dry and dull due to a lack of food and moisture. Extra care of hair in winter is needed to enhance the beauty in this harsh season.

Hair Care in Winter

It is always hard to follow a fixed routine. But it is better to take care before the hair is too much damaged. We should follow some simple steps to nourish dry hair in winter. Here are a few brilliant winter hair care tips for all types of hair.
If you have naturally strong and shiny hair you are lucky. Still, you should follow the winter hair care routine for bouncy hair.
As the hair becomes dry in this dry season the 1st target should be to keep hair moisture lock. That is how the hair remains softer and silky.

10 Brilliant Winter Hair Care Tips


We need food for a healthy and fit body. Just like that our hair needs good nutrition. Hair is made of protein. So fat-soluble vitamins are best for the good health of hair.
We should oil our hair thrice or more in a week in winter. This is the only answer to how to take care of hair in winter.

Please choose any oil of your choice for your winter hair care from the huge list nature has provided.
  • Coconut Oil- If you like strong healthy long hair go for this one. This is the purest and cheapest among the oils. It is also easily available in most of the places in the country.
  • Almond oil-    Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc, besides a number of other minerals and vitamins. Almond oil helps give the much-needed hydration to your hair that helps them look shiny, and feel soft.
  • Olive Oil-     If you like to get thicker hair go for olive oil. Olive oil is most beneficial for dry, thick hair. 

2.Say No To Chemical Treatments

I know it's party season. All of us like to color our hair in this mood. But to stop hair from becoming dull and dry we should say no to chemical treatments on Hair.
If you are blessed with strong hair you can go for hair straightening, curling, or color. If you have thin hair stay away from these.


Cleaning hair at regular intervals helps hair to get rid of extra oil, pollutants, dirt, etc. Clean hair is the pillar of strong and shiny hair. Apply oil, hair pack, or any other products on clean hair only.

In winter we afraid to shampoo hair due to cold weather. But in the dry season also we have to clean hair at least twice a week. 

Use mild natural shampoo to clean the hair. Also, avoid using hot water to rinse off the shampoo. Oil overnight to keep the hair soft and to preserve the moisture lock in the hair.


After cleansing a must step for all types of hair especially dry hair is conditioning. You must apply a well-branded conditioner after each wash.

Oily hair becomes sticky naturally after some time. This attacks bacteria, dirt, pollutants. So proper wash is needed. And winter hair care tips suggest us to apply conditioner to lock the natural moisture.

After applying the conditioner we have to leave it for 10 minutes. Then we should rinse off it completely. Henna, Shikakai is natural conditioners.

5.Avoid Use of Hair Dryer

Avoid or reduce the use of a hairdryer on wet hair to dry the hair. In winter it can make the hair dry. Pat dry with a towel. Use sunshine in winter to dry the wet hair naturally.

6.Hair Pack

For the extra care of hair in winter, a hair pack is a must. Keeping in mind the dry weather we should choose a hydrating hair pack. 
It can be prepared in a home with herbal ingredients. Most of the ingredients are available in our kitchen only.
In winter aloe vera, yogurt, lemon can help to take care of hair in winter. Prepare a pack with half a cup of yogurt,1 tablespoon lemon juice. Apply and leave for 10 minutes to see the result.
Hibiscus also can be used to make hair packs. Here are Super 7 Hibiscus benefits on hair.


Silently it plays a major role in hair care in winter. Lots of fresh veggies and fruits,8 glasses of water, seafood are key factors for winter hair care tips.

8.Hot oil Treatments

Hot oil massage is one of the best ways to get healthy hair. We can use any oil of our choice or a mix of 2-3 aromatic oils to get the best results.
Hot oil is more effective on hair. So massaging with warm oils give extra hydration to the scalp. Rap the hair with a towel soaked in hot water after the massage.
Almond oil, Jojoba oil, and coconut oil can be mixed together. This aromatic oil is very good for dry and dull hair.
If you are a patient with insomnia go for lavender oil and olive oil mixture.

9.Hair Spa

In the harsh dry winter season, our hair needs extra care. A rejuvenating Hair Spa in the salon is the ultimatum. It may be smoothing or hydrating or any spa your damaged hair is in need.

Try to take a spa once a month for ultra-shiny healthy hair. Those who have thin hair may go for spas meant to add extra bounce in their hair.

10.Sleep and Excercise

Last is an adequate amount of sleep. Rest is very important for the growth of hair. If you want long hair take good sleep at night.
A little exercise or yoga increases the blood circulation on the scalp. So it is also a major player in the health of hair.

Hope you will enjoy a great winter.Enjoy the parties, Christmas to the fullest. Take good care of hair this winter with the above 10 winter hair care tips.

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