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The Ultimate 10 Winter Skincare Routine for All Skin Types

Are you looking for an ultimate Winter Skincare Routine? Your search has come to an end.
Winter season is knocking at your door. Let's enjoy it wholeheartedly. Winter is a season of celebrations and parties. This is undoubtedly one of the best things about the winter season.
To get prepare for Christmas, New year party your skin and hair have to be healthy. You can carry stunning makeup only when your skin is ready for it. Isn't it? So, follow the expert guide on the winter skincare routine.

10 Winter Skincare Routine for All Skin Types

In India, winter is very harsh and dry. India is a major country with vast geographical diversity. As the weather changes, so the skin type also changes. But the major concern about the winter season is, it steals the moisture from your skin. So we have to maintain the hydration level as much as we can.
Moisturise, hydrate your skin as much as you can. 

1.Gently Clean the Skin

Be gentle while cleaning your face. Use a mild oil-based cleanser twice daily. In the morning wash your face with a natural mild cleanser. Use lukewarm water to wash it properly.
Better use cleansing cream with a cotton ball to clean the face. Use at night before going to bed. It will help to keep dirt away from your skin. Try to use a soap-free gentle cream base or oil-based cleanser to clean.

2.Moisturize, Moisturize, and moisturize!!!

The ultimate and most important thing in the winter skincare routine is Moisturization. This is the ultimate age-old tip for the winter skincare routine. 

You have to maintain the natural moisture of the skin at any cost. At the same time, you should supply moisture to dehydrated skin.

A perfect hydrated skin looks glowing. Moisturize thrice daily. In the morning, noon, and at night. Every time apply moisturizer after washing on clean face. Pat dry the skin and apply moisturizer.

Choose deep moisturizing lotion for oily to normal skin. A deep oil-based moisturizing cream is suggested for a dry skin type. This selection is the key for winter skincare dry skin.

3.Don't forget to scrubs!!!

Winter has no relation to scrubbing. Rather you have to incorporate a good scrub weekly once in the winter skincare routine.
It is essential to exfoliate dry skin regularly to enhance the production of the new skin layer. 

It is the hidden secret of naturally glowing skin. Polish your whole body from top to toe once every week with a good scrub. After scrubbing do not forget to apply face packs. Here are the 5 best homemade face packs for the winter season.

4.The Sun is there! !!Keep in mind

The winter may be icy but don't forget to apply sunscreen. The UV rays are as harmful as in summer. Do not ignore it. While enjoying a sun-kissed winter season inclusion of sunscreen is a must. An SPF of 15-20 is quite ok to protect our skin. Our skin needs more nourishment, so we must choose a good nourishing sunscreen.

7.Dress your Lips

Dress your lips in a good lip balm!! Apply from the beginning of winter to protect your shiny lips from being dehydrated.

A good moisturizer and care is a must for the lips. A better solution to the dryness of the lips has to be checked. Winter skincare routine is incomplete without the stress on lip care.

Your lipstick will look attractive when your lips are healthy.

5.Love to Take Hot bath? Do not overdo!!

Yes!! Although you are a fan of taking hot baths, restrict yourself from taking them frequently. A hot bath is not only great for circulation but can also help sore or tight muscles to relax. The addition of Epsom salt in the bathing water will do wonders for people suffering from arthritis and other metabolic diseases.

6.Apply a Good Oil All over the Body

After taking bath, your target should be to lock the natural moisture oil all over the skin. To lock the moisture apply good body oil all over the body.
Nature blessed us with a huge virgin coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc. All of them is an expert in nourishment and moisturization of the skin. Select any one of them or mix them up for the best results.
Do not forget to take care of your hair in winter. Hair Care in Winter: How to Take Care of Hair in Winter?

8.Show your Feet

Cracked feet may embarrass you in public. Take care of your feet in the winter season.

A regular pedicure at home is essential for your healthy feet. Scrub, massage with a good foot cream for proper care.

If you are developing cracks start doing it regularly instead of weekly intervals. This is a vital winter skincare routine for your legs.

Wear cotton socks always in winter. These tips are very crucial for winter skincare dry skin.

9.Hydrate Yourself

Nothing can be better than inner beauty. Beat the winter by drinking plenty of water.
Hydrate your body in certain intervals to combat the harsh dry winter season.
Drink water, fruit juice, smoothies to hydrate the inner body.

10.Goodnight with a night cream

Take adequate rest at night. Sleep will accelerate the formation of new cells in the skins also.
To help the process you should apply a well-branded night cream to your face. Do not forget to end the winter skincare routine with the touch of a nourishing night cream.
Enjoy the parties with glowing healthy skin and soul.

Sensitive skin winter routine

For sensitive skin, the winter skincare routine should be a little different. Keep in mind, do not allow the skin to become dry. The sensitivity increases when the skin becomes drier in winter. Avoid using harsh scrub on sensitive skin. Use sugar and milk cream mixture as a scrub as the sugar dissolves when we rub it on the face, being gentle on sensitive skin. Avoid using coconut oil if you have highly sensitive skin. Use a mild cleanser. Try to use natural handmade chemical-free products.

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