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Winter Foods in India that Keep you Warm

The season of chapped lips and crack feet is here. The best thing about the Winter season is Razai. Enjoying hot soup under the blanket is a dream come true. Doing nothing can be so romantic in the winter season.

Winter season offers us colorful veggies and fruit pallets. These garden-fresh vegetables supply all necessary nutrients to fight the cold, cough, and to keep us warm. You should incorporate them into your winter diet chart.

Enjoy the following delicious winter foods in India which will keep you warm during these months.


Healthy Winter Foods in India that is Yummy!!!

Momos-The king of winter foods in India

Momos are the real king in the field of winter foods in India. It is a speciality of northeast India. Now it is mostly available all over the country.
It can be made of veggies, meat, or chicken. 
Nothing can be better than a plate of hot momo with a bowl of soup in winter. I undoubtedly assure you about heavenly satisfaction. Right away go to a momo shop and enjoy the winter season. This is a steam food so extremely healthy for your stomach and also a super tasty dish.

Tandoori Chicken-The heritage of India

Tandoori chicken is truly a heritage dish of India. The whole chicken is marinated in the tandoori masala and baked slowly. 

It is cooked in a tandoor that is an earthen oven. I will suggest you enjoy this delicacy once in your lifetime. 

 The oil-free baking technique makes it healthy.  It is perfect for those who are on a high protein diet. 

Hot Khichdi in winter

Nothing can be more delicious and healthy than khichdi in winter. 
It is one of the most preferred winter foods in India. It is easily available in any part of India.

This is super tasty and at the same time can be easily digested. It is the best winter food for babies

They can swallow it easily and digest it. It is also a fantastic weight gain food for babies.

Khichdi can be prepared with rice and lentils with a little spice. Moong dal khichdi is able to keep our body warm in winter. Add lots of green vegetables to enhance the nutrition value.

Til-Jaggery Candy

If you are thinking of a sweet dish, yes there it is. The sweet Til-nut-jaggery candy is the ultimate dish to keep you warm in winter. 
This gives you calcium and iron at the same time. While jaggery blesses you with necessary nutrition. You can munch it anytime anywhere. 

Spinach Soup

Spinach is the green blessing of winter. So we should include it in the winter food list. It may be consumed in form of a soup. Prepare the soup with tomato and garlic to enhance the flavor and taste of the soup. 
Even children may be attracted to the lovely green color of it. Soups are the food of winter. It will keep you fit and warm. 

Masala Tea

Can you imagine a winter without a cup of tea? 
No, no, a big no. Milk masala tea is the center of attention of any kitty party in winter.
You will get a tea shop anywhere in India. Include tulsi, ginger, pepper which can also boost immunity along with taste. 
A morning and evening tea is a must winter food for every Indian. So prepare your cup of tea and stay healthy. 


Thukpa is another super hot and easy one-pot recipe for winter. It is a Himalayan famous noodle soup. This Tibet soup is made of chicken, meat, vegetables like broccoli, mushroom, and noodles. 
Thukpa is good for weight loss, cold, and heart diseases. You can some herbs in thukpa to boost immunity in winter. For more information on this, you should focus on foods that are good for immunity and cold in winter.

It is prepared by boiling chicken, veggies, onion, garlic, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, and noodles in the same pot. You will get nutrients from veggies, protein from chicken, and carbs from noodles in a single dish. This is the best among the winter foods in India in terms of food value and taste combo. 

Popular Winter Snacks in India

Here is the list of some tasty popular winter snacks in India. The key ingredients of the below winter snacks are available only in the winter season. Sarso, Methi, Carrots, Cauliflowers all are winter vegetables.
These winter snacks can be packed as the tiffins items for your family in winter. Also, check the 5 best tiffin items for school and working moms.

  • Gajar ka Halwa
  • Methi paratha
  • Makai ki roti and Sarso ka saag
  • Parathas made of Cauliflower(Gobi paratha)
  • Til chikki
  • Badam Chikki and Halwa
  • Sprout salads with dhania
Try all these great winter food to enjoy the weather. They will surely give you the best taste, aroma, and heath. These winter foods in India will also keep you warm.

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