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Beauty and Wellness course for Wedding Season in India

This is the season of big fat Indian wedding season. The wedding season in India of 2021 is about to come. So this is a very important time for the bride to make hair and skin get ready for their wedding day.

The 7 point beauty and wellness course will help you look like a diva at your wedding. First of all, start your preparation long before your wedding date. Plan and execute perfectly for the wedding season to look flawless on the day.

You should try to help your make-up artist. That is why it is important to nourish your skin and hair to look stunning and flawless.

1.Beauty from the Inner Soul

The first and foremost thing to look fab on your wedding day is to be happy from the inside. If your soul is pure and happy about this wedding it will be reflected. 

So, first of all, get rid of all the tensions and worries. I know, surely there will be a few before wedding season. Plan, prepare to work on your wedding long before the date. So that you could be a little bit tension-free from other issues. Drink a lot of water, stick to fruits and vegetables, vitamin-rich diet.

2.DIY skincare for wedding season

Winter is the wedding season for the big fat Indian wedding. If you want to look fab throughout the wedding do proper DIY skincare. Follow the 10 ultimate winter skincare routine for all skin types.

Prepare a bridal face pack with natural ingredients. Turmeric, milk cream, besan combination is all-time best for bridal skincare. This one is the best of beauty and wellness course for the wedding season in India.

3.Fix several Meetings with Your Makeup Artist

Your makeup artist is the key person who will decide how cute a bride may look. But wait!!! This is your wedding. And you know what shades go with you.

Fix several meetings with your makeup artist. Do frequent practices, discuss, then finalize the look. Select the shade of lipstick that goes correct with the dress tone. throw the artificial lashes if it looks vulgar on you.
Maybe he is the expert, but you know your best look. Help yourself to look damn beautiful bride. I am sure you know how to catch all eyes on you.

4.Bridal Haircare

The hairstyle is one of the main parts of the complete look. A new Indian bride has to be ready for different rituals for a wedding. So the hairstyle has to be different on haldi, mehndi, ceremony, reception.

For that, you have to take good care of your hair.
Hair may have some problems like dandruff, hair fall, dry hair, breakages, etc. So you must be attentive to your hair problems. 

The hair has to undergo frequent hairdos and treatments. So proper hair care in the home is very crucial. Here is how to take proper hair care in this wedding season.

5.Bridal hairstyles

The bridal hairstyle completely depends on your costumes, occasion, and length of hair. Be bold to experiment with hair color, straight strands, lovely curls, and bold hairstyles.

The hairstyle is the deciding factor of the bridal look.
Experiment with different hairstyles on Haldi, Mehendi, and central occasions.

I will suggest going with flower centric look on Haldi occasion. Flaunt your open long hair to get a killer look in your mehndi. A red streak will complete the Mehendi look. While a neat and clean hairdo will help you to enjoy your sangeet.

6.Practice Wellness Tricks

You have to give importance to your health to look stunning at your wedding. A good lifestyle is very important before the wedding. The wedding season in India is mainly winter which will naturally help you to exercise more. Practice some simple beauty and wellness tricks mentioned below.
  • Do meditation 
  • Practice Yoga or exercise 
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Switch to a vegan diet for a month
  • Sleep more
  • Avoid late-night bachelor parties
  • stay tension free
  • Avoid junk foods


One of the major problems before the wedding is the weight gain problem. Weight has to be maintained to fit in your blouse or stitched dress.
So from today start doing yoga. Can Yoga reduce weight? definitely yes. Exercise is the only solution to look slim and trim at your wedding. So this wedding season in India is going to be full of activities.

Best of lucks to the brides to be.Hope you look hot and beautiful like never before.

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