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How To Detoxify The Skin in Lockdown - 11 Steps

We all are feeling very much low in this lockdown due to the covid pandemic. So is our skin. The daily lifestyle has been changed a lot. So, we have to adopt a new skincare technique to detox our skin in lockdown.

Here is the recipe for how to detoxify the skin in lockdown. We have limited ingredients and do not have a salon facility available. These steps are super easy to follow and highly effective for skin renewal.

How To Detoxify The Skin -11 Brilliant Steps

1.Hydrate body frequently

To detox skin, it is compulsory to detox your body also. The easiest and safest detox procedure is to flush out toxins from the body with water. Skin detoxification is related to the body. 
Start your day with 3 glasses of water. The total amount of water for a healthy fit person is 3 liter per day. The requirement differs according to health, weight, and physical exposure.

2. Switch to a balanced diet

Choose a well-balanced diet. The necessary nutrients improve the normal detoxification system. Our body knows better how to detoxify the skin. Follow some points below to achieve radiant skin after detoxification.
  • Stick to healthy protein. Use poultry items that do not use hormones.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables to get vitamins and minerals.
  • Include alkaline food items like bananas, watermelons in the diet to keep the ph balance stable.
  • Use vitamin supplements.
  • Choose natural dairy products(grass or grain-fed)

3. Exercise Regularly

Regular Exercise is the key to better detoxification. The more we sweat the more we detox. In a lockdown, we are not allowed to go outside. So no way to go for walk, run, or gym. Better stick to Yoga, aerobic activity in your home. Yoga is brilliant to reduce weight also.

In a lockdown, we all are facing stress due to the pandemic. Know how to reduce stress in lockdown. 
Breathing exercises increase the health of your lung. So it is recommended to flush out toxins from the lung. If the lung functions properly it increases the amount of oxygen in our body and skin. As a result, we get healthy skin.

4. Stick to a natural skin regime

A normal natural skincare routine is recommended for good detoxification of the skin. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are very basic and effective for the good detoxification of the skin.
  • Use a natural cleanser. You can prepare cleansers at home also.
  • For moisture, use a good branded natural one. Use cocoa butter or virgin coconut oil instead of a  body lotion.
  • Use rose water or cucumber as a toner.

5. Scrub skin regularly to get rid of Pollutants

Detoxification of the whole body is very important than the face. We generally take care of our face but neglect hands and legs. Follow the steps to get rid of the toxins of the skin.
  •  Scrub with a natural body scrubber to get rid of pollutants and toxins accumulated on the skin's upper layer. It is important to exfoliate.
  • A bath with warm water is recommended.
  • Scrub your face twice a week with a homemade natural face scrubber.
  • Use Epsom salt, dead sea salt, rice flowers, gram flower as a body scrubber.

6. Magic Drinks to detox

When you are in the detox process fluids can help you the most. Here are some magic drinks that are super for detoxification.
  • Green tea
  • Cut a lemon into slices and pour in a water jug overnight. A simple and most effective detox drink is ready to use in the morning.
  • cucumber detox drink
  • carrot and ginger juice

7. Reduce Sugar and Salt intake

Cut the intake of two white demons-sugar and the salt. More salt intake retains more fluids in the whole body. Reduce salt consumption for proper kidney functioning. It is most vital for flushing out toxins.
Reduce sugar intake to avoid overweight, cancer, heart diseases.

8. Fast

Fasting works for detox. Toxins of our body come out with urine and sweat. Skin plays important role in the detoxification of the body also. The quickest answer to how to detoxify the skin is surely fasting.

Stay away from taking food items with heavy metals, rice, wheat. Stick to water, detox drinks, smoothies, juices, and coconut water. You can eat fruits if you feel very hungry.

9. Stay away from Toxic Environments

It is easy to avoid pollution in lockdown. Most of us are working from home. So it is possible to keep our lungs away from that polluted, contaminated outside air. Improve the air quality of your house and office. Plant more trees that gives you more oxygen. There are a wide variety of indoor plants like spider, snake, peace lily, palm trees that purify the air.

10. Say no to Alcohol and Smoking

Before starting the detox process make sure you are ready to say no to tobacco and alcohol. In the case of over-drinking, our liver cannot function adequately and perform its necessary tasks — including filtering waste and other toxins from our body.

10. Sleep 

The best medicine is sleep for best detoxification. When the body gets proper rest, brain recharges itself and remove toxic byproduct during sleep. If you face difficulties in getting good sleep, here is how to get quality sleep quickly.
A quality adequate sleep is very much needed for a healthy natural detoxification system.  And if the system works well, the skin is bound to glow.

Hope this article will help you to detox successfully in this lockdown stage. Try to utilize the lockdown in a positive manner. Meditate, detox in this crisis moment. It will provide you mental strength and good health.
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